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Torc’s Salvation - Excerpt by Melany Logen

Author Name - Melany Logen

Author Website - http://melanylogen.com/


Torc’s Salvation - Excerpt

Torc trembled, fighting his own pleasure. What would she think of him if he came in his pants?

Her thighs trembled. ”Please, Master,” she whispered.

Torc jerked. Her words broke the spell he’d been trapped in. Pulling his hand away, he growled and rose to his feet. Hades. The beast in him had wanted to sit there playing in her velvety folds forever. But he wasn’t her master, and he refused to use her like a slave.

Torc turned away from her, still breathing roughly. He pointed. “The shower is inside my bed chamber. You’re welcome to anything in the storage room.”

“Please, Master…I…I’ll be…” she whispered, words tripping over themselves as she clutched her collar to her chest.

“Go, lady. I’ll get you something to eat while you clean up.” Keeping his voice demanding, he forced a cold stare. He needed some time alone. He needed composure.

“Yes, Master.” When her shoulders slumped, he had to fight an unbearable urge to pull her into his arms. That wouldn’t help her. She had to relearn that she had a free will.

As she passed, he handed her the clean clothes and a pouch. “Your stones are in here.” She blinked, but remained silent. “Lady, they’ll make you rich. You’ll find a belt in the storage room. You can attach the pouch to it.”

Her mouth trembled. “Thank you, Master.”

He sighed as she scrambled away.

What had her government been thinking when they hired him? They had to have known he was unfit to help her. She feared him. A submissive Delicant stuck with a killing beast. It wasn’t right.

Torc slammed his fist into the wall as he heard steam vapors start.

Ailyea trembled as the vapors washed over her. She shut her eyes. Her breath puffed and her heart pounded.

She rubbed a cloth all over, caressing her skin up and down, over her breasts, stomach and thighs down to her ankles. She shook back her hair and stood, letting the vapors cascade down around her.

What did her new Master want from her? It used to be so easy. They stuck it up one orifice or another and did their business, and she pleased them. She was nothing without being a Delicant. It was all she knew how to be.

She didn’t understand him. Not one bit.

He’d taken her piercings from her. She could understand him wanting to remove all traces of her former masters. But why not add one of his own? Show his brand. All her other masters had cared about her as a possession, a play toy. It was all she was. She’d been groomed as a pleasure slave since as long as she could remember.

Well, that wasn’t exactly true. She had small memories of a warm presence, a woman, comfort and a lullaby. Mere flashes though. She couldn’t be sure the image was her mother, but she chose to believe it was.

And Master had given the stones to her after he took them off. To her! A Delicant never owned anything. Yet, he’d handed over the collar and the stones without a glance.

He’d touched her grelho. Her center. Her womanhood. It had been rumored among all Delicants if someone removed their proof of ownership from there, they’d never feel sexual pleasure again. She had nothing else to call her own except sexual gratification. She had no desire to lose it.

But she’d let him remove the piercing. Partly to please him, partly to see what happened. All the trappings of ownership had been removed from her body except the one in her nose, and each removal had cemented its loss in her emotions. Yet she’d let him do it and delighted as each one came away from her. Each one taking with it the memory of that master, and none of them had been good. She’d felt…free. Or at least freer than she’d felt in a long, long time. But it wouldn’t last. It never did.

Torc’s Salvation written by Melany Logen

Visit: http://melanylogen.com/

The future has never been so sexy!

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