Monday, January 01, 2007

How to be A Raven Guest Blogger

Authors, Fans and Paranormal Experts welcome to blog!

Guest Blogs are posted every Monday at the Raven Vampire Nightclub Blog on what is called "Manic Monday with Michelle and Mandy". If you would like to have your article included, please follow the submission guidelines below. Mandy and Michelle reserve the right to decline any blog topic without explanation (but don't let that scare you, we're not meanies).


1. Subject MUST be on the PARANORMAL!
Topics can be anything paranormal or fantasy--from Real Life to myths, history or just your thoughts on a subject. Author byline with links will be included and we ask that you stop by to comment when your blog goes live. Also, feel free to advertise your blog with us. If you would like the above graphic to use, email us.

2. Articles can be anywhere from 200-1000 words.

3. No fan fiction or short stories. No poetry.
If you would like to post a paranormal short story or poem, please contact us for special arrangements. These will be very selective and not be done on guest blogger days.

4. First come, First serve
The order your blog will be posted is in the order we receive the completed, ready to go blog entry. The only exception is if the topic you are writing about was recently done, or if you have recently done a blog and there are others who haven't waiting for a chance. We reserve the right to post them as we see fit. Email notifications will be send out when your blog posts, not before.

. We DO NOT reserve dates
Please don't ask. We're too busy and we will forget.

6. Yes, you can do it more than once.
At this time there is no limit.

  • Send email to Michelle - enchant @ cox.net or michelle_pillow @ yahoo.com (no spaces)
  • Or send email to Mandy - mandy @ mandyroth.com
  • Subject - Raven Guest Blog
  • Body of Email- Your blog article READY TO GO, including the byline at the end and the link titles and links you want added to the blog clearly marked.
  • We DO NOT edit, so make sure it's how you want it.

Hopefully those didn't scare you off. ;)

Michelle M Pillow
Mandy M Roth

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