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© by Ruby Storm

**2005 CAPA Nominee for Romantic Suspense

**Recipient of JERR Review’s GOLD STAR AWARD

**5 Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies

Genre: Erotic Romantic Suspense/Paranormal

EBOOK - ISBN# 1-4199-0330-6

PRINT – ISBN# 1-4199-5373-7



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Calli Lemont’s husband was killed a year earlier in a car crash. Six months after his death, his ghostly persona began appearing, but only when Callie played her piano. The music was the connection that brought their two separate worlds together.

EXCERPT from Cracked: Prelude to Passion

Calli shot up into a sitting position, her eyes darting about her darkened bedroom. She’d been dreaming about her wedding day, the quaint service with those she loved standing witness as she pledged her life to Raine.

Taking a settling breath now, she leapt from the bed and raced from the bedroom. Her feet padded down the carpeted steps as she headed for the living room, and then stopped short as her gaze fell upon the piano. Raine knew the truth.

Don’t be foolish. He came last night…or you dreamed that he was here…it won’t happen again…not so soon after…

Her hands flew up to cup her face. Calli almost screamed aloud with frustration. Finally, gaining a hold on her tumultuous emotions, she marched resolutely across the shadowed room, sat at the polished bench and stared at the keys. She would play. And if he didn’t come to her, she would play again. He had never appeared twice within a twenty-four hour period, only weeks and weeks apart. But she didn’t care. If she had some kind of connection with him, then she was going to demand his presence. It wasn’t going to be Raine’s choice tonight.

Closing her eyes and rolling her neck to loosen her muscles, she finally reached out. Her fingers skimmed across the ivory, coaxing a haunting melody until her body swayed and her nerves began to calm.

Thirty minutes later, Calli still played. Not a soft gentle touching of the keys, but a frenzied pounding, the sound leaping from inside the piano as picture frames vibrated on the polished surface of the baby grand. She wouldn’t stop. She couldn’t stop. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew she would dissolve into a fit of tears if she remained alone.

Her heart slammed against her ribs as a stringed note echoed in the room.

A finger trailed down her cheek.

Calli’s body jerked and her fingers stumbled momentarily. Shivers raced across her skin. Her heart continued to hammer. The hair rose on her neck and arms as she squeezed her eyes closed, but she forced herself back into the melody, hardly daring to believe.

A warm masculine palm slid down the length of her arm and stilled one hand. Her smooth skin prickled beneath the fleeting touch.

Hoping beyond hope, her eyes fluttered open as her opposite hand came to a standstill. She stared down at his familiar fingers entwining themselves with hers.

“Raine…” she gasped out. Calli swiveled on the seat, seeing him through watery eyes. “Raine, you came.” She leapt up into his embrace, loving the feel of his arms about her. As he played with the silky strands of the hair trailing down her back, she tightened her hold around his body. “Please don’t leave me tonight. Please don’t let me wake alone. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. You’re dead…and yet you’re here.” Swallowing the lump in her throat, she leaned back and stared up at his gentle smile. “Do you know what happened to me today?”

Raine simply continued to let his fingers drift through her hair. Silent. Always silent.

“A woman came to the theater to look for you. Raine, she believes she’s your real mother. Did you know that? Did you ever know that? Why?” she whimpered achingly. “Why can’t you talk to me? I need to hear your voice…”

The smile wilted from his lips as his gaze scurried across the high cheekbones and down to her full rose-colored mouth. His eyes lowered to her breasts. He reached out and began to loosen her blouse, one button at a time.

Calli’s breath caught in her throat when his fingers slipped beneath the silk and parted the edges. Raine languorously dragged one fingertip along the exposed skin above the lacy border of her bra. Her nipples tingled with anticipation, ached horribly as she forgot anything but his sweet touch. The pressure of her bra against her skin disappeared when he flicked open the catch between her breasts. Cool air rushed across her hardened nipples. His hands cupped the firm roundness instantly.

Calli shrugged the blouse and bra from her shoulders as Raine continued to fondle her nipples and massage her breasts. She fought the urge to close her eyes and be lost within his touch when he bent his head and his lips covered one erect bud. Instead, her eyes drank in the soft wave of his hair as his tongue swirled gently, time and time again as she leaned into his demanding lips. Her knees trembled, her hands shook. Cream dripped from her cunt making her clench and unclench her sex as his hands slid to her waistband, the action fanning her desire to be fucked.

She could hardly breathe.


Slipping to one knee, he drew her pants inch by inch over her hips and down her legs, leaving an all-consuming trail of heat wherever his knuckles grazed her goose-bumped skin, quickly building her need with his slow, drawn-out motions. Calli clutched his shoulders tightly as she stepped from the heap at her feet. Raine’s hands danced a slow waltz up the length of her trim leg, around her hips to massage her bare ass cloaked in only a silky thong, and then back to her flat stomach.

Calli slowly expelled the air in her lungs as her head lolled back. So familiar. So wonderful to have his smooth fingertips coax her body to a delicious shiver of anticipation. When he hooked his fingers beneath the lacey strings at her hips, Calli was certain he would pull down the last piece of resistance and toss it away.

Instead, he hooked his fingers inside the thong and followed the line of lace over her hips to her crotch, teasing and scorching her skin wherever he touched until she shuddered violently with increased anticipation. Calli’s head rolled forward as she reached down blindly to force his fingertips further inside her thong. Her legs were parted, her covered clit swollen and painfully throbbing for release. The fire swept through her blood as her pubic mound pitched forward. She had to have something hard and probing inside her. She had to be fucked. She wasn’t so sure if only his fingers inside her slit would be enough to quench the passion she felt. She wanted his throbbing cock. But Raine only withdrew his hand from her clutching fingers and gently forced her to sit on the piano bench.

“What? What do you want? Don’t do this to me. I need your cock in me. I want to be fucked. Please, Raine, please before you’re gone… Maybe for the last time…”

He smiled as he forced her to lean back against the piano, then clasped her hips and pulled her lower body to the edge of the bench. Calli’s elbows fell to the keyboard, producing a cluster of crazy notes as she balanced herself. Her mouth sagged open when he forced her knees wide and brushed his hand up her inner thigh. Only a small strip of lace lay between her painfully swollen clit and the tips of his fingers as he teased them against the material.

“Take them off, Raine. Please. Fuck me. Don’t make me wait any longer. Please…” Her hips jerked when he slipped a finger inside her panties, using the back of it to brush her wet, swollen, feminine lips, purposely leaving her clit untouched. She waited on the edge of a precipice, waited for him to slip it inside her clenching sheath but, instead, Raine hooked his finger around the material and pulled it away from her pussy. The motion caused the thin strip of lace between her ass cheeks to tighten and grate against her anus. He continued the action and the pressure nearly drove her crazy. Her anal muscles throbbed against the force. When her hips began to jerk, Raine slid the material to the side to expose the full length of her feminine lips.

The uneven, pounding notes of the keyboard echoed around Calli’s head as she grappled to stay on the bench by curling her hands over the ivory keys. The breath shot from her lungs when his fingers spread her lips wide. Her hips continued to sway forward, an instinctive urgency that she had no control over.

She watched in a trancelike state as his face drew closer between her thighs, his tongue curling over his lips as his flecked eyes locked with hers. Once again, he tantalizingly licked his upper lip to tease her.

“Please…” she whimpered. Her eyelids fell shut as she waited breathlessly for the touch of his mouth against her. Her cunt throbbed before him.

When the tip of his tongue traced its way through her wet slit, small uncontrollable shudders coursed through her belly. Calli couldn’t spread her legs wide enough. She couldn’t grind her clit against his mouth hard enough. She rocked forward in quick little jerks, feeling the flickers of an orgasm eating at her insides.

A thick finger slid past her entrance and buried itself as deeply as it could go. His teeth clamped over her clit.

Calli wanted to scream. She wanted to suck air into her lungs, but her throat tightened. She shuddered around his finger as she drew in one strangled breath after another. Raine clamped down harder on her clit, sending her orgasm to an even higher level of pain and pleasure. The waves rolled through her body, tightly constricting the muscles of her belly, swelling her small breasts, and sensitizing her clit further.

Raine slipped another finger into her, slid in as deep as he could go and pinned her spine against the piano as he sucked at her clit, drawing it deeper into his mouth.

It was only the breadth of Raine’s shoulders that kept her thighs parted when he released her bud and lapped through her slit. She was weak and perspiring as the jolts of the orgasm lessened. Her body slipped downward as her arms weakened, but Raine caught her and kissed his way up over the silky skin of her abdomen, on to suckle a breast, and then to her mouth. He licked his way into the sweet cavern, sweeping across her tongue, urging Calli’s to dance with his.

Her arms wrapped around his shoulders as she tilted her head and passionately met his seeking mouth, licking her own juices from his tongue. She was barely aware when he lifted her from the bench and carried her across the room. Setting her gently on the carpeted floor before the unlit fireplace, he carefully, but firmly rolled her to her belly.

Her eyes drifted shut as she listened, waiting to feel his hands upon her once more. The room was silent, but she knew he hadn’t left her. The warm aura of his love cloaked her securely. The carpet was rough against her cheek and the air cool against her naked skin as the light sheen of perspiration dried.

Suddenly, his fingers were back, firmly grasping her hips. Raine guided her to her knees and pressed a palm between her thighs until she spread wide. When Calli tried to rise to her hands, gentle pressure between her shoulder blades settled her cheek back to the floor. Just knowing that she was spread for him, that her pussy was opened to his gaze sent a shaft of heat to her womb. She was ready again. The flame began to intensify once more. Her pussy throbbed between her legs.

Something brushed against her, the pressure slowly increasing until her silent mind screamed. Her body trembled. Was it a finger or the tip of his cock sliding through her slit? Ever so slowly—teasing and slipping easily through the slick wetness. Never entering, never pulsing inside her, only taunting her pink slit, stopping to roll against her clit, and then back through the line of her pussy.

The moistened tip pressed against the entrance of her ass, a taunt of what was to come.

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