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Magic in the Blood by Silvia Violet

Magic in the Blood by Silvia Violet

4.5 cups from Wateena at Coffee Time Romanc
"SENSATIONAL! This vampire romance will rock your world. Lots of action and adventure is just a start for this fantastic fantasy. Carrying forward is also exciting spells and loads of magic. Interesting characters and extremely spicy sex scenes tie this mystical story together for one spellbinding, spine tingling read."


A few times before, when they had a vision to show her, Liz had been asked to remain there in the darkness of the void. Not once had she liked the results. The Lord and Lady inevitably showed her something about herself she would rather not see, but she couldn't deny the Lord's request.

It was easier to let herself go, if she allowed her physical body to rest as well, so she unfolded her legs and lay back against the cold floor, arms resting along her sides, palms facing the ceiling. Blackness swirled around her. Fear closed in, but then the Lady sent warm energy through her and she calmed. Eventually she drifted deeper to a state near sleep.

She felt a touch, silken pressure running down the inside of her arm. It was Avran. She wanted to protest, but the sight of him paralyzed her. He smiled, continuing to stroke her. She looked into his silver eyes and fell under his spell. Somewhere, far above, on the surface of her thoughts, she knew she could fight him, but she didn't want to.

Reaching up, she cupped his face and stroked his cheek with her thumb. His skin was smooth and cold. She wanted it pressed against her, but even more, she wanted him to taste her. She, who had kept herself aloof, who had always prided herself on controlling her life, wanted to surrender to him, to fall into his eyes and feel his teeth piercing her.

She traced the line of his jaw and ran her fingers along his neck, down across his chest, feeling the hardness of the muscles there. He caught her wrist before she could move lower and placed her hand back on the floor.

He bent over her and used his tongue to trace the path his fingers had followed. Starting at her palm, he ran his tongue up and over her wrist, stopping ever so briefly on the pulse point there. Then he drew a wet line up her arm to the pulse that beat in the curve of her elbow. Back and forth he stroked her.

How could something so simple be so arousing? Each time he licked her pulse points, her heartbeat accelerated. The throbbing of her heart echoed between her legs. Lines of searing heat ran from her arm to her center. She felt ripe and heavy, ready to be taken. Never had a man made her feel like this. She thought she should be afraid, but she wasn't. Everything was exactly as it should be, as if she'd been waiting for this her whole life, waiting to surrender.

When his tongue reached her wrist again, he stopped. He laced his fingers with hers and placed his other hand on her forearm, all the while stroking her wrist with his tongue. His fangs brushed her. Once. Twice. Then a sharp pain jolted her as his teeth sank into her flesh. It was immediately overshadowed by the most intense pleasure imaginable.

As his mouth sucked at her wrist, waves of heated bliss swam over her. She felt the pull of his lips all the way to her core. If she hadn't seen him bent over her arm, she would have sworn he was licking her swollen clit.

She writhed and twisted, praying he wouldn't stop. Reality rushed in for a moment. She wondered how much blood he could take without killing her. Would he stop in time? Then she was lost again to her passion. Her free arm fisted in his hair, locking him to her.


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Silvia Violet
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