Thursday, October 26, 2006

Interview with Nicole, ParaTalk Radio Host, writing a book about psychic vampires

At what age/point in your life did you become interested in investigating the paranormal?

Growing up with a father that has been involved in the study of the paranormal for over 30 years, naturally I was drawn to this field. I first became interested in the paranormal around the age of 9, after having my own personal paranormal experience. Since then, I have been involved in the study of this field and fascinated by the unexplained. At the age of 19 I began conducting investigations and eventually put together my own paranormal investigations team and have been conducting investigations since.

Do you believe, or have you found evidence, that the paranormal really do exist? What kinds?

Yes I am 100% convinced that the paranormal truly does exist. Throughout my many years investigating I have come across many paranormal encounters which I have not been able to explain which makes it hard to not believe in the existence of the paranormal. An incident that first comes to mind as far as evidence is concerned, was at a private residence I was investigating in Spokane, WA. We had everything from strange EVP’s to unexplainable photos that we captured on this investigation.

Currently, you're writing a book about psychic vampires. Can you tell us a little bit about that? What is a psychic vampire?

Yes I am currently writing a book on the subject of psychic vampires, which has fascinated me for years now. A psychic vampire is any person just like you or myself, who either intentionally or unintentionally takes energy or what I like to call “life force” from other people or any living thing. Most everyone has been in contact with a psychic vampire at one point or another in their lifetime. There are many reasons why psychic vampires drain energy. One reason is because for some reason or another, they can not produce enough of their own energy, therefore have the need to take it from someone or something that does. A lot of them do not even realize they are doing so, while others do this intentionally. The book I am currently writing touches on the different types of psychic vampires, as well as the history of vampires in general.

Do you believe in the existence of psychic vampires, or is your work merely from a historical/mythical point of view? Have you ever encountered a psychic vampire? What made you choose this topic?

Yes I believe in the existence of psychic vampires as I have encountered many throughout my life. I chose to begin writing my own book on the topic of psychic vampires because of my own personal fascination with the different types of vampires that exist in this world. I want to learn everything I possibly can on the subject matter and have spoken with several other authors like myself who have studied psi-vamps for many years. The subject of psychic vampires is one that a lot of people do not know a much about and I want to be able to bring forth as much information as possible on the topic to help educate others who are interested in vampires in general. I am hoping that with the publication of this book, it will help those out there who seek answers as to whether or not they may be a psychic vampire or know others who are.

Have you ever debunked fraudulent paranormal activity? Can you tell us about it?

I have debunked many cases where the paranormal activity has been fraudulent. One that I will share was on an investigation at a house in Coeur d Alene, ID. My team was contacted to come out to an older home built back in the early 1900’s due to strange noises and doors opening and closing as well as a specific radio which was turning itself on by itself during a specific time of the evening. We came out to investigate the home, only to find that the radio which was turning itself on, was also an alarm clock which had been set to go off while we were there for the investigation. The door in the basement that was opening and closing on its own, was happening due to one of the guys that lived there that thought it would be funny to tie a fishing pool line to the door and was pulling it shut from outside the bedroom window. Not to clever on his part if you ask me. But there is a lot of fraudulent activity that I have seen mostly from kids who like to have fun at investigators expense, from my experience.

Has there ever been an investigation you couldn't disprove?

There have been several investigations that I could not disprove, but in my experiences, a good majority of cases can be debunked from natural occurrences that may happen in any home/building. One case that I could not disprove was a home where on the investigation, I was standing in the kitchen with another one of my team members and had a large glass thrown at me from the other side of the kitchen. This was not only a bit startling but also something that we could not debunk. We witnessed several cupboards in this home opening on their own.

What thoughts do you have on Hollywood’s portrayal of the paranormal? Is there one you feel is more accurate than the rest? One you wish you could throw your shoe at?

I feel that Hollywood highly misportrays the paranormal field in general. I have not come across one movie that I feel accurately portrays the paranormal. There are so many TV shows out there that really make the field out to be more fictional and theatrical than what it really is. I feel that the show TAPS Ghost Hunters more accurately depicts the truth of the paranormal existence. They use science and actually go in to disprove the activity, where as a lot of other shows just go in to prove the activity and throw in a lot of theatrics to catch the public’s eye. One movie that I felt stretched the truth way past what it really is, would be the movie “White Noise.” They make EVP work look like it is a terrible thing to do and bring forth that conducting work in this field will bring out evil entities that will attack you and they stretch the truth far beyond what EVP work truly is all about.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself and what you do?

I currently reside in Denver, CO and am a business owner as well as a college student.
I am the Regional Director of a paranormal investigations team out here known as Ghost Investigations Colorado as well as the co-host of a paranormal talk radio show called ParaTalk Radio. I am dedicated to the research and study of the paranormal and continue to seek other like minded individuals with the same goals.

We would like to thank you for taking time out to talk with us. Is there a place our readers can find you? A website? Email?

You can find my websites at www.paratalkradio.com as well as http://co.ghostinvestigations.com . I can be easily reached by email at leader.nicole@gmail.com or ghostinvestigations.colorado@gmail.com.

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