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Excerpts by Mackenzie McKade



Copyright © 2006 Mackenzie McKade

Available at Samhain Publishing, Ltd.


She was dead—well, undead.

Still, when Adrian called her “darlin’” in that deep, seductive tone, she had to admit to a spark of excitement. His fervor, the promise in his words, stroked an uncontrollable fire inside setting her pulse to speed. Heat swept across her skin. She was achy and hungry to feel his cock between her thighs, parting her wet folds, fucking her hard and fast as she took his blood.

But he had promised nice and slow. The pressure of his hard body rubbing against hers only served to drive her deeper into the dark world of surrender. A seductive takeover she felt too weak to refuse.

She wanted him.

Not only to achieve her goal that always lay in the back of her mind. But something more elemental moved within her.


She had felt lust for every man she’d shared a night with, except for Chavez. Yet Adrian did something to her that no one had ever truly done since her transformation. He made her long to believe a future existed as an immortal. That life wasn’t just a series of unfortunate events. That she had something to live for.

No. I need to be with Christy.

Mentally, she tried to brush the ridiculous thoughts of a future and living from her head. Okay. This was foolish and extremely dangerous. She had to take control of the situation.

But it was too late.

In a flash they were both naked. Flesh against flesh. Even his boots and cowboy hat vanished.

She whimpered, feeling his hard erection snug against her belly. Her nipples had turned into sensitive nubs. Just the scrape of his chest against hers sent shards of fire through their peaks. She tried to inhale, a weak attempt that only left her breathless.

“Please,” she moaned, tossing back her head. Her hair swung across her ass sending chills up her spine. “I need to feel you inside me. Fuck me. Now.”

Satisfied male laughter greeted her. “Darlin’, I’m gonna fuck you, but first I’ll make love to you. Slowly, the way a woman deserves.”

Was this man real? Or was his plan to kill her softly?

In a heartbeat he swept her off her feet. She felt small in his arms, feminine, as he carried her to the bed. Gently he laid her down upon the patchwork comforter and he moved away.

The sight made her next breath stick in her throat. It was the first time she had seen him naked, and the man was huge. She wasn’t talking about the breadth of his chest, his muscular biceps, or the taut chords that raced through his powerful thighs. His cock was at least eight inches of long, hard pleasure.

The thought of him buried deep inside her released a flood of excitement between her thighs. Her mouth watered to wrap her lips around his firmness, to watch his control vaporize as she took all of him.

From the nightstand by the bed, she watched as he extracted two small ropes.

A sharp spark of apprehension broke the spell he had cast over her. As he turned to gaze at her with darkened eyes, she froze. Surely, he wasn’t thinking about tying her to his four-poster bed.

Fallon almost broke into laughter. She was being foolish. A Master vampire didn’t need ropes to restrain his victims. His magic was more powerful than any slip of cord. If he wanted to suppress her he could accomplish it with a mere thought. She knew this all too well from experience.

Besides, she was strong enough to break a rope or, with a single thought, cause it to go up in flames.

Still it pleased her that when he touched her mind and felt her anxiety, he whispered, “Trust me.”

As he approached, his fangs pressed against his bottom lip. Broad shouldered and lean hipped, he breathed life back into her arousal, stirring the heat of passion to flame anew. If only she could believe the sensual way he smiled at her was for her alone, not just a passing rage of hormones—a one night rodeo.

But trust—never.

And why was she thinking like this? The man was simply a means to an end. Wasn’t he? Just someone to teach her what she needed to know to defeat Chavez.

With long, slow swipes, he ran the cool ropes across her breasts. Her nipples drew even tighter so they pulsated with unrelenting hunger. Her globes felt heavy and achy, needing to feel his hands and mouth on them.

At that moment, Fallon knew she would take what she needed from him, and then she’d be gone. The callous thought vanished as his hand circled her wrist.

Intensity like she’d never seen before flared in his eyes, as he drew her arm above her head. His sultry gaze swept over her body with a touch she could feel across every inch of her skin. It tightened each muscle and tendon inside her with anticipation.

“It makes me hot just thinking of you tied to my bed, helpless to my desires.” His voice was a mixture of sand and silk across her heightened skin. He inhaled, scenting her and she could have sworn his cock grew even firmer.

The sensual picture of her naked, tied to his bed, and this sexy man posed above her released the most delicious wave of moisture to dampen her thighs.

A moment of silence, then he moved forward and asked, “Would you like me to tie you up?”

His cock jerked, gaining her attention. But it was the heaviness in his voice, the hunger in his gaze that warmed her from the inside out. Her tongue slid between her dry lips. “Yes,” she answered before she realized it.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Tie me up and fuck me until the sun rises.

He was true to his promise. Every movement was slow, painfully slow, as he fastened one wrist, and then the other to separate bedposts. His fingertips feathered down the inside of her arm, brushed the swell of one breast, before he traced a line from her waist to her hip. Then he leaned over and lightly blew on her nipple. The sensation was immediate. Sharp stings of fire surged through her breasts, releasing a spasm low in her belly.

“Beautiful,” he said before dipping his head and taking her nub into his mouth.

Oh…” Fallon’s back arched off the bed, pushing her closer, deeper into his caress. He nipped the hardened peak, and she gasped at the wonderful force shattering in all directions.

“Do you like that?” His voice was warm against her wet skin.

“Oh, God, yes.” The words came fast and needy from her trembling lips. “More. Please. More.” More in like spread my thighs, cowboy, and fuck me all night long.

A rich chuckle surfaced, before he took her other nipple into his mouth. With exquisite pressure he sucked, while kneading her other breast. His tongue made circles around her engorged tip, flicking it several times, making her pull against her constraints.

She wanted to touch him so badly, to feel all that firm muscle beneath her palms, and to hold on to him as he carried her away.

With just a thought she could untie herself. She was dying to weave her fingers through his hair and press him closer to her. But Fallon had to admit, knowing she couldn’t touch him only heightened the depth of her arousal. This was more delicious than she had ever dreamed.

All too soon, he pulled away, sitting up beside her. “Damn, woman, you’re sexy.” He stroked her with his hot gaze, stopping at the apex of her thighs. His breathing was labored. His nostrils flared. “I need to taste you. Now.” The last word came out upon a snarl. The dark, dangerous expression on his face raised the heat in her body.

When he pushed between her legs, spreading her wide, she held her breath. Just the thought of him licking her pussy intimately made her go up in flames.

As he leaned in and ran his tongue across her folds a gush of air burst from her lips, a cry of passion chasing it. Her knees fell apart to give him more access. She raised her hips from the bed, desperately needing him to take her deeper into his mouth. When he clamped down on her clit, drawing it into his mouth, her world tore asunder.

In abandonment, she writhed beneath him. He grasped her hips, holding her still, his mouth and tongue relentless, wringing out her orgasm, forcing her to withstand his assault. Threads of ecstasy ripped from her core, shot up her womb, before rippling to every limb of her body. She tried to hold back the next scream, but couldn’t. Her cry only triggered his hunger. A deep, resonant growl surfaced as he went wild sucking and nipping, his tongue driving harder and deeper into her pussy, until she screeched, “Stop. No more. I can’t take it.”




Copyright © 2006 Mackenzie McKade

Available at Samhain Publishing, Ltd. October 31, 2006



Legacy bond them—betrayal will test them—but, love and a little bit of magic will keep them together.

Gifted with both Berserka and Wicce heritage, Sabine wonders which legacy will determine her fate. A path of freedom and independence? Or will the Berserka curse tie her to one man, not of her choosing?

After his father’s death, Conall returns to Scotland to take his rightful place as chieftain. Fate steps in and unleashes his hot-blooded lust on one obstinate woman resolved on defying destiny.

A forced marriage binds them. Desire and their animalistic nature draw them together. But someone is threatening to destroy the fiery love growing between them. Salt in the wine has everyone looking askew at Sabine, including her husband.

When the clan demands Sabine’s death, Conall must choose between family and the woman he loves.


Conall’s naked body hummed with satisfaction. The heat of arousal

cooled as he rolled from atop his mate, reaching to pull her near. Instead, she

yanked from his grip and scrambled to her feet, retrieving the white robe

crumpled upon the ground. With short, jerky movements, she dressed, tying

the sash.

“Dinna hide from me, lassie.” He chuckled, sliding his hands beneath his

head. Her beauty lay carved into his memory. Firm breasts, taut rosy nipples,

and a heart-shaped bottom had fit perfectly in his palms. His favorite were her

long, slender legs, legs that wrapped around his waist while he drove his hard

cock into her hot, wet quim.

He strained to hear the words she began to murmur. With a swipe of her

hand through the air, she closed her witch’s circle.

A witch. And a strange one at that. He could have sworn he touched a

beast within her. In the grip of Beserka lust, he even believed he had seen

sharp, white fangs retract between those lovely full lips.

Damn. His imagination was running wild. If finding one’s mate did this to

a man, he had better beware.

The heavy tread of horses’ hooves approaching from the north ripped his

gaze from the woman gathering her things. He had known when his arrival at

Loch Tower was delayed that his men would backtrack to find him.

Slowly, Conall pushed to his feet. As he reached for his clothes, Ewen,

Cameron and Fitzer, his friends and traveling cohorts, burst through a copse

of trees, heading straight for him.

Pulling his horse to a stop, Ewen haughtily cocked a brow. “Methinks

there be a story here.” Conall’s childhood friend was always seeing stories

where stories did not lie. But in this particular case there was.

Conall would be returning home to take his place as chieftain with a

bride in tow.

“Ghosties?” Fitzer whispered. His wild mass of red hair bounced as his

rusty-colored eyes looked suspiciously about. “Or would it be evil fairies

renderin’ ye bare-arsed and stealin’ yer horse?” From Ireland, he was full of

superstition and beliefs.

Cameron was the quiet one. His shoulder-length black hair fell forward

as he leaned his wrists on the saddle and waited patiently for an explanation.

When Conall turned to introduce his friends to his bride-to-be—

She was gone.


An Excerpt From: THE CHARADE

© Copyright MACKENZIE McKADE, 2006.

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave, Inc. http://www.ellorascave.com/productpage.asp?ISBN=1-4199-0681-X

“No man can serve two Masters, but a woman…she can have many,” he whispered leaning close, smelling the clean scent of almond and vanilla massage oils and woman.

“Chauvinistic?” The air leaving her mouth was warm on his cheek. He wondered for a moment what the warmth would feel like on his cock. His member responded with a jerk that rubbed against her hip. She gasped, the tiny sound encouraging him to continue.

He stepped back and met her dark gaze. “Fact,” he said with conviction. “Should I demonstrate?”

She sucked the corner of her bottom lip into her mouth and her small white teeth bit down. “No. Just let me go.”

His resistance faltered and he reached for a wavy tendril that lay upon her chest. “Angel, you know I cannot.” The cool strand slid through his fingers. He closed his eyes, imagining her thick tresses covering his thighs, his legs, moving across his body as she slid against him, took him deep within her mouth.

“Why?” Her voice broke and she sounded almost childlike. But she gave a very womanly gasp as he brushed her hair across her sensitive breast. Tiny bumps rose across her satin skin.

“It was your desire to learn what we offer at Ecstasy Island.” As Shawn spoke, a grumble came from Terrance. His brother was a man of action. Patience was not a virtue he possessed. Shawn glanced over his shoulder, receiving a quick brush from Terrance’s hand to “get on with it”, while Tor casually leaned against the wall, arms crossed over his chest, a smirk on his face.

Shawn ignored Terrance’s prodding and Tor’s quiet teasing.

Pleasure was not to be rushed. More enjoyment could be achieved with seductive words, a sensual touch and time—plenty of time.

Shawn placed his back squarely to his brothers and focused on the beautiful woman before him. “I’ll start by placing a ring on your lovely nipple.”

Her body tensed. Fingernails bit into the palms of her hands as she flexed and uncurled her fingers, leaving sharp impressions in her skin.

“Relax,” he whispered just before capturing her nub in his mouth. She whimpered, the sound a desperate cry of longing. His tongue rolled the peak around and around, flicked the tip several times. Then he latched onto her nipple and drew hard, forcing yet another moan. She arched into him.

He couldn’t help the smile that creased his lips. And he couldn’t help needing to caress her as he slipped the rings in the pocket of his toga. While he suckled her, one hand remained at her breast softly kneading the under swell as the other followed the curve of her waist, the flare of her hip, the smoothness of her thigh. When he skimmed across her knee to the inside of her thigh she trembled.

Slowly his palm moved up her inner-leg. He released her nipple and feathered kisses along her throat, nipping at her chin before he pressed his mouth to hers.

The kiss was a gentle exploration, probing her full lips lightly for entrance. There was little fight in her before she opened and allowed him to taste her. She must have eaten a mint recently because her breath was fresh, a hint of evergreen against his taste buds.

When his hand neared her core he paused, waiting for her to give him a sign that she wanted, desired his touch. Her eyes closed, hips pushing against his palm. It was subtle, but all he needed to continue as he slipped a finger into her wet, hot chamber.

His body was a composition of taut muscles and raw nerves as he fought for control. She was slick and welcoming, her inner muscles contracting around his finger. He wanted to possess this woman. Wanted to tie her to his bed, spread her wide and memorize every curve, every mound, learn every erogenous zone that would make her squirm, scream in ecstasy. His finger steadily pumped in and out, her hips meeting each thrust. He wanted to fuck her pussy, her ass, her mouth, hour after hour until they both were sated and exhausted. Then he would lay with her in his arms and for the first time in a long time he would sleep peacefully, complete, waking to her lovely face. And then he would fuck her again.

Drawing the rings from his pocket, he slipped one over her erect bud. Her eyes sprang wide as if she had never felt the pleasure-pain of the jewelry. She whimpered a light cry of distress. But her eyes were bright with excitement.

She was ready.

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