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Stallion's Gambit by Silvia Violet

Stallion's Gambit by Silvia Violet

Keely at Ecataromance says: "Calder is all manly man, testosterone and sex on the hoof that you just want to wrap your arms and legs around and squeeze. The secondary characters set the mood and solidify the scene as Ms. Violet lets the reader in on the joke to make you laugh. The sex is scorching and the sexual tension abounds. Ms. Violet has created another charming, sensuous tale worthy of space on any avid shifter fan's bookshelf."
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When Raya, an agent for Intergalactic Investors Bank, arrives at Calder Brinkley's estate, he decides the stiff-necked techno-snob needs to learn a lesson. Instead of meeting with her himself, he sends his foreman to show her the farmland she's come to inspect. But Calder joins them in his alternate form, a massive stallion.

Calder Brinkley ignored the rain pelting down on him. He eased closer to the glass doors that opened onto his guest's balcony. Raya had left the doors open, and the sheer curtains fluttered in the breeze. But the moonless night allowed him to stand less than a yard from her threshold without being detected.

He'd arrived home well after the household had retired for the night, but his curiosity had gotten the better of him. Raya Varvara had intrigued him on both a physical and intellectual level during their comm link conversations. He wanted to know if she presented as attractive a package in person as she had on screen.

He took another step. When his shoulder was inches from the door, he leaned forward and looked in. Raya walked out of the en suite bathroom, and he sucked in his breath. She was naked, and even more delicious than he'd imagined. Her dark chin-length hair was tucked neatly behind her ears. Her skin was creamy and smooth, contrasting beautifully with her large coral nipples.

He longed to palm her small breasts and flick his tongue across her flesh, watching her nipples peak. She was slender but not lacking in curves. He visualized himself gripping her waist and pulling her hips back against him as he fucked her from behind.
Her pussy was shaved bare. He could see her clit peeking from the deep cleft. His balls ached at the sight, and he had to reach down and tug his pants, to make room for his expanding cock.

He smiled. He would have her before she left. A week would elapse before a transport arrived that could take her back to New Earth. Plenty of time to seduce her and introduce her to the various ways he could curb her sharp tongue and loosen her stiff manners.

A rich, earthy scent floated out through the doors. Calder inhaled deeply. He could have guessed Raya wouldn't go for flowery shower gels. She'd used the soap his servants placed in the showers for male guests. It mixed perfectly with her natural scent.

He cursed silently when she picked up a robe. The gauzy black garment could hardly be considered a covering, but he'd hoped to watch her prance around nude. She picked up a small comm unit from her nightstand and punched at the buttons.

"Fuck!" The expletive carried easily onto the balcony. Calder pressed his lips together to keep from laughing. He imagined what his uptight servants or, God forbid, one of his other guests would think to hear a woman use such a word.

Raya punched at the buttons again, making a low growl that sent heat straight to his cock. "Fucking backwater planet. Can't even get a decent connection!"

Calder bristled. Techno-snob! Wait until he got his huge dick in her. Then she'd learn there were satisfying things on this planet that she'd never find back home. Who wanted to be tied to a comm unit twenty-four hours a day anyway? New Earth was all concrete and steel and whizzing traffic. Oriana's untamed wilderness called to his very soul.

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