Thursday, October 26, 2006

Someone to Love Me by D Wallace

Someone to Love Me
Adult Rated
New Concepts Publishing
Prize - copy of Someone to Love Me (ebook form to 5 winners)

Excerpt #1 -
The second thing Charlie noticed as she made her way to Luke was that there was no way she could reach the window to close it without climbing onto the bed. The moonlight enabled her to clearly see him as he lay twisted in the covers, twitching and moaning deeply. She tried to make out what he was saying but his words were too low and mumbled.

"Luke?" His lack of response caused her to try again. "Luke?" She saw a glimpse of naked arms and legs as he thrashed beneath the quilt. The cold apparently hadn't affected him but she was shivering so badly her teeth were rattling. Luke began to thrash about even more and Charlie reached out to lightly touch his arm, gently shaking him. "Luke."

He moved so fast that a scream of surprise escaped Charlie. She suddenly found herself grabbed and pulled down to the bed. Before she could catch her breath Luke rolled, pinning her beneath his naked weight. It was obvious he was still trapped in the dark nightmare that gripped him and didn't know what he was doing.

"Luke!" Panic raced through Charlie as she realized her helplessness against his strength. "Lu...," The rest of what she'd been about to say was cut off by the sudden pressure of his unyielding mouth on hers.

She struggled briefly but she was no match for him. He easily forced Charlie more deeply into the bed in an attack that quickly escalated into something sensual and profoundly explosive. Lost in the moment she ceased her struggling and began to kiss Luke back with an ardor that bordered on recklessness. Without thinking she opened her mouth beneath his, accepting his thrusting tongue against hers. Yet when Charlie felt his hands at the buttons on her shirt she stiffened, suddenly frightened. She didn't want Luke like this, not if he was making love to a ghost. Her fingers flew to his trying to keep him from undoing the buttons. She twisted her head in an effort to break the kiss but he followed her every move.

One by one the buttons gave way and then he was parting her shirt and curling his callused hand around her naked breast. His firm touch was like fire licking Charlie's skin, causing her to cry out against his mouth with pleasant surprise. She arched wildly with response, in spite of trying to halt his progress. Her hands moved over his naked shoulders, first pushing him away, then clutching him to her. She cried out in pleasure when his mouth abandoned hers to latch onto a hardened nipple.

Oh God! "Luke!" Charlie writhed impatiently beneath him, lost in a vortex of spinning, dizzying emotions. She forgot about everything but the moment, arching her back in total abandon.

Excerpt #2 -
Charlie had no idea what time it was when she opened her eyes, only knowing that it was morning and she'd had a terrible night. She moved slowly into a sitting position, running her hands over her face before turning toward the warmth of the incoming sun. The window provided her with the breath taking view outside Luke's cabin. A forest of pines blanketed with sparkling snow loomed high in the sky as though reaching for the sun. Between their towering peaks she could make out the white capped mountains in the distance and against the clear blue sky she was certain she saw a soaring eagle.

Shivering, she drew the quilt around her, wondering where her host had disappeared. It was too quiet. A quick survey of the cabin didn't produce him or his wolf. Yet a distant hammering noise coming from outside brought Charlie to her feet and to the window. She didn't have to wonder what the sound was for very long when her gaze fell upon Luke. He was chopping wood. She crossed her arms, enveloping her body within the folds of the blanket, and leaned against the glass to watch him.

His forceful movements indicated he was angry about something. Each piece of wood he placed upon the tree stump was attacked with a vengeance as he brought the ax down, using enough force that one good whack split it neatly in two. His face was flushed, a cloud of white breath rushing through his parted lips revealed how cold it was. He hefted the ax up over his head again and again, bringing to attention the play of muscles on his bare arms. He'd removed his jacket and had rolled the sleeves of his flannel shirt up to his elbows, revealing the dark hair sprinkling his forearms. She certainly didn't have to wonder about the strength in those arms. Luke was a healthy specimen.

Her curious gaze roamed over the rest of his body, trying to gauge the width of his broad shoulders before continuing down to his belted waist. His faded jeans were old and tight, fitting snugly over his male attributes like a glove. Leaving little to the imagination. His long, muscular legs were slightly braced apart for balance, the bottom half of his jeans tucked into knee high boots that appeared well worn, and the leather soft with age. Charlie slowly began to realize that watching Luke was visually stimulating.

Memories of her ex-husband surfaced and Charlie couldn't help comparing them. Paul had been a suit, tie kind of man, tall and exceedingly handsome, and always well groomed. He'd been overly obsessed with his looks along with everything else during their short marriage. Paul had been the kind of man who only cared about how things appeared on the surface. A big house, fancy cars, expensive belongings, a selfish man who'd been so jealous over his own daughter that in the end it had destroyed their marriage.

Charlie realized there was no comparison between Luke and Paul. They were as different as night and day in appearances. Moreover, she doubted when Luke made love to a woman he'd be more concerned about messing up his hair then making sure he saw to her needs. He seemed too rugged for that, too untamed. She felt herself grow uncomfortably warm with her thoughts. Watching Luke wasn't such a good idea, especially when it dawned on her that she found him extremely attractive.

It had been a long time since she'd been even slightly interested in anyone. There just hadn't been time to think about men in the last year, and her failure with Paul had left her feeling insecure, and slightly bitter. Still, Charlie couldn't seem to draw her gaze away from the sight of Luke. He'd saved her life but the feelings surfacing had nothing to do with gratitude. She was honest enough to admit that.

Her eyes slowly swept back up his superb body to his face. He'd stopped chopping and was standing there, looking directly at her, his chest heaving as he panted heavily from his exertions. Charlie froze. Their gazes locked, she felt her face burning that he'd caught her staring but she couldn't draw her eyes away. With the window between them she felt safe, ignoring the fact that if Luke chose to he could barge through the door and do what ever he wanted.

She doubted he'd gone to the trouble of rescuing her for his own devious means. He didn't strike her as being dangerous, maybe to her peace of mind but certainly not to her person. And if Luke chose to attack her in some way she wouldn't have a chance of stopping him. There was nothing she could do but put her trust in him. After a few moments he dropped the ax and disappeared into a small shed she hadn't noticed until now.

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