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This is the absolutely first post of Lords of the Var 5: The Pirate Prince excerpts. :) It should release within the next week or two.


by MICHELLE M. PILLOW, Feb 2006 New Concepts Publishing


“I demand you release me and the others.”

Jarek looked at the small woman before him. That was hardly the greeting of appreciation he expected walking into her room. Her accent was thick, but he found he rather liked the smooth silk of her tone. It was almost husky in her anger toward him.

“I said, I demand that you release me and the other women you have taken.”

Jarek crossed his arms over his chest and studied the woman. She was beautiful, so much so that his body ached for something beyond her anger. Her eyes flashed and her body was rigid. Leaning against the metal frame of the door, he tried to act nonchalant. In truth, he felt like he couldn’t breathe.

“Do you not understand your own language? I demand release and also for the others.” Her lips moved, carefully forming each syllable.

Jarek’s mouth jerked into a grin. She demanded release did she? By the look on her face, he knew the type of release he was thinking of wasn’t what she had in mind.

“Where are the others?” the woman took a menacing step forward, bracing her feet.

“Others?” Jarek repeated, confused. Then, laughing, he thought of Viktor and Lucien dressed as women. She must have seen them making a run for it. “Ah, yes, the others. They are perfectly safe and happy to be on board.”

“I shall be the judge of that! I demand you take me to them.”

“You know, for a servant, you really are demanding,” Jarek mused. “Is that what your master likes? To be ordered around?”

“Servant?” the woman gasped, before quickly amending. “Yes, servant. What of it?”

Jarek studied her. He’d been mistaken in her. She wasn’t a servant. Those who served didn’t look so proud, didn’t stand so bold and defiant. Her eyes were too sharp, too quick to look him in the eye. Even a defiant servant would look down, glaring through the sides of their lashes. Not her. She met him straight on. He’d been mistaken in his assessment. She was most likely a noble as well. Sister? Wife? Or, what if she were a concubine, a head concubine? Whatever it was, she was used to being listened to by others.

“What is your name, servant?” he asked, taking a bold step in. If she wanted to play this game, he’d play. The woman didn’t back down, furthering his belief that she was more than she pretended to be. Then why come aboard his ship if she had power?

“You first, pirate.”

Pirate? Jarek tried not to laugh. He never considered himself a true pirate, though some of the things he and the crew did were borderline criminal. Since, she was lying to him about who she was, why not return the favor? “Captain Jarek the Handsome, very much at your disposal, my lady.”

“I’m not a lady,” the woman said carefully. “I’m just a servant.”

“Ah, well, you have two legs instead of three, so that makes you a lady on this ship.” Jarek grinned. It took a moment, but he detected the instant his meaning sunk in. Her face turned dark red and she gasped, unable to answer. Her eyes darted down to his thighs. He shifted his weight, trying to hide the effect her intent stare had on his shaft. It was no use. The mass between his thighs filled and pressed indecently against his tight pants. There was no concealing his desire for her.

She’s a noblewoman, he thought, knowingly, as he witnessed her look.

“Tell me, servant, in what ways did you serve your master? Had you a specialty?” he asked, purposefully letting his tone dip in sexual meaning. A shiver worked its way over her slender form as he looked her over. He watched her nipples bud against her silk robe and her toes curled beneath the softer material of her ground shoes. Electricity snapped between them, hot and potent. By the look in her eyes, she knew it as well. The chemistry had been instant, connecting them. He wanted to pounce, to act, but he held back, knowing pleasure would only be heightened by denial.

The woman took a moment before saying carefully. “Royal cook.”

She expected him to believe that the Imperial guard chased them for a cook? Jarek chuckled. So be it.

“Wonderful. The food simulator is acting up. It gives raw ingredients and we are in need of a cook on the ship until we can get it fixed. You may pay your way with such service, that is, unless you have something else in mind?”

“Pay my way?” she questioned.

“Yes, as our ship’s cook. Unless there is some other service you’d like to offer up in exchange for passage?” Jarek stepped boldly forward, again caressing her with his eyes. His stomach tightened in instant protest of the sexual denial. His hands balled into fists on their own accord, as claws tried to grow from the tips of his fingers. He knew the beast was in his eyes, but he couldn’t call it back. He smelled her reaction. There was a trace of fear, but mostly interest. This woman wasn’t frightened by the hint of the cat inside of him. Just knowing she wasn’t surprised by his shifting side excited him more.

“What do you mean I must pay my way? You kidnapped me, pirate.” Her lips tightened in displeasure. “Since when does the victim have to pay for being taken? If anything, it is your responsibility to see to my care.”

“Yes, and perhaps we should work on your understanding of my language. I have the uploads onboard if you need them. First, you must not have been kidnapped before because nowhere in the pirate code does it claim we have to take care of you and that you don’t pay your way. In fact, it is quite often the opposite for those taken. Second, and most importantly, I didn’t kidnap you, fea, I rescued you.”

Copyright © 2005 Michelle M. Pillow. All Rights Reserved.

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