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CALL ME LUCIFER by Tilly Greene

Author Tilly Greene
Author URL www.tillygreene.

Genre/Series Light Paranormal/Contemporary
Publisher Venus Press
Publisher URL www.venuspress.com

What the Reviewers are saying about CALL ME LUCIFER

"Tilly Greene captures [the readers] attention immediately with her
male protagonist. How many stories can you read about where the hero
is Satan himself? Talk about an attention-grabber! Add in plenty of
spicy chemistry…and a very unexpected ending, and Call Me Lucifer is
worth the time to read." Sarah W, The Romance Studio


Nia Adamson is a successful lawyer, so many people wouldn't be
surprised to see her name on the list of future residents of Hell.

Lucifer has waited an eternity for this woman and he is out to prove
to her he is more than the job.

Will they both get what they need from their time together, or will
they be doomed to reside in the hot zone? Or is it something
entirely different from how it appears?


"Hello, feeling naked here Big Guy, do you have something else I can
wear?" She was feeling exposed and defenseless, in more ways than

"You're a lovely woman and I don't like the idea of covering one bit
of your body from my sight, but for now you may wear this robe—with
one condition." When he turned on the charm he was irresistible.

"What's that?" The lawyer in her was trying to push its' way
forward and finding it difficult.

"It comes off when I say, without question." Lucifer answered her
question in simple black and white terms, no chance of negotiation,
but she had to try.

"Even if I'm cold?" Shoot, even she knew this was a ridiculous
concept to imagine when one was in Hell.

"You'll trust me not to allow you to get cold."

The softly spoken comment left her pondering. Someone else, a man,
had once asked her to trust him, but she couldn't remember if she
had. Shaking her head in a bid to deal with the issue at hand, she
decided to accept. It would give her a confidence boost to have
more layers on, and with her chest covered, it would give him
nowhere to stare when they had their talk.

"Deal." Nia extended a hand for the robe, only Lucifer walked
around behind her and held it to help her put it on. Then he
reached around in front of her and tied the belt under her breasts.

Looking in the mirror at the two of them was an eye opener. Despite
her diminutive size and pale tones, standing in front of his larger
and darker ones, Nia didn't disappear. In fact if anything, they
complimented each other.

When she looked down and caught sight of the robe, her eyes widened
and her mouth dropped open. It sucked in the coverage department.
There were no lapels; in fact the material missed covering her chest
entirely. The luscious black silk velvet was in the empire style
with a high stiff collar, a long train flowed elegantly along in her
trail, and sleeves dripped down over her wrists. The focus of the
garment appeared to be cleavage. All there was of the robe above
the waist acted as a frame for her breasts, nothing more.

There was no shame in having a large bust, many woman actually paid
to increase what they'd been given. But sometimes, big breasts were
all people saw, and she found it disconcerting. There was so much
more to her than the large balls of flesh. Long ago she'd made a
deal with herself, the man who was able to appreciate both her mind
as well as her physical attributes, would be a man she could settle
down with.

Copyright © 2006 Tilly Greene

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