Thursday, October 26, 2006


By Joey W. Hill

"You made my bottom hurt," she accused, rubbing the offended area, and eyeing him. "Didn't you say once a person is tagged, she gets to chase after the other person and catch them?"
At her words, his expression eased a fraction. She reached out a hand, a courteous gesture to help him to his feet. He studied her hand as if the curve of her fingers, the pale skin of her palm were a mystery to him, then he surprised her by placing the wooden spoon in her hand, like a scepter being given to a queen. He rose to his feet. "I did say that."
"Well, I had an unfair handicap, with this corset." She tugged it up and wiggled until her breasts were covered as much as they had been before she had landed face first on his lap. When she looked up, she found him watching the play of her breasts with a wry twist to his mouth.
"If you think you had an unfair handicap with the corset, kitten, I think you just balanced it." He caught her hand and before she could guess what he was about, he placed it on the erection starting to swell back hard and firm against his jeans. "Trust me, running with this between your legs isn't easy." His grin flashed wide and bright. "Catch me if you can, kitten. You going to give me a head start?"
She sniffled, swiping away the last evidence of her tears and tucked the kerchief fastidiously into her skirt's waistband. "If you think you need one."
He bolted and she was after him, her bare feet sure on the forest floor. She had played such games with Beezle, and she knew how to anticipate the feint and double back of a lithe cat's body, but Conlon Maguire had a panther's dangerous grace and the long legs of a giraffe. He widened his lead on her despite her ability to anticipate his movements around the trees, down to the brook, splashing through the shallows, scrambling back up the banks.
She saw no reason to physically compete with those long legs. She concentrated, and a moment later a dead branch on the forest floor spun into his path. He leaped over it, and she gained a stride. A mass of vines fell from the canopy of a water oak and tangled around his shoulders. He got out of that, cursing, but missed the root she pulled several inches out of the ground. He stumbled, and she latched onto the waistband of his jeans and hung on like a small burr. He swung around, and caught her deftly about the waist to help her keep her feet.
"You cheat," he laughed. "You witch."
"I am not a cheat," she said with dignity. "I leveled the field between us. You never said I couldn't use magic, and debilitating factors or not..." She waved at his crotch, making him grin wider as she flushed. "Your legs are much longer than mine, so it was fair for me to do as I did."
"Well then," he drawled. "Since we're being fair, do you want me to drop my pants? After all, I gave you your spanking on bare skin."
Her color climbed to her hairline, but she lifted her chin at his teasing, challenging look. "Yes. That's what I want."
His brow raised, but he inclined his head and unbuckled his belt, pulled open the button of his jeans. When she swallowed, and her embarrassed color started to drain from her face, he turned with a cough that might have been a chuckle. He pushed the pants and underwear beneath down to his thighs, and she saw a pair of muscular buttocks, revealed as he gathered up the tail of his shirt. Buttocks that flexed as he shifted his weight to his hip and glanced back at her. "Well, kitten?"
His small witch stood there with the spoon clasped in her hand and a look of something between fascination and terror on her features.
"I just.just." She stammered. "I just wanted to catch you, to show you I could. I don't need to do.the rest."
"Maybe you'd like to do something else," he suggested, his eyes warm and gentle, but apparently aroused at her innocence as well. "Would you like to touch me, Marisa, any way you wish? Have you ever been able to touch a man's aroused body, Marisa?"
"Of course not."
His eyes flamed hotter, surprising her with his reaction. He drew his pants back up, covering himself. He zipped them but left them unfastened and the belt loose, and took her hand. "Good. Come on."

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