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Phantom Desires by Bianca D'Arc

Phantom Desires by Bianca D'Arc
Part of the upcoming Vamprotica 2006 Anthology
Coming Halloween 2006 from Lady Aibell Press
Carly is a burnt-out career woman who decides to pack up and move her life and her business to Wyoming. She buys an old farmhouse that has an unexpected feature - a vampire living secretly beneath it.
The Master Vampire, Dmitri Belakov, must judge the woman who has bought the land and house above his own. He's had a centuries-long compact with the former owners, but their line is at an end and he must either form a new compact with this woman or kill her to protect his peace. Her mind is unusually hard to influence, but he finds his way to her in dreams.
Their shared dreams are more erotic than either of them expect and fire a hunger in Dmitri to know this woman's feel and taste in the flesh. Revealing himself to her, he risks much, but she is unable to fight the attraction arcing between them. But will she choose a life with him over the sun? Or will she choose death?
A vampire romance excerpt from PHANTOM DESIRES by Bianca D'Arc.
Professor Dmitri Belakov watched the small woman race from her car just after sunset. He had checked the installation schedule and knew tonight the young computer programmer would be running a key installation that would take her most of the night. It was his perfect opportunity.
First, he would teach his evening course in history, then casually drop by the administration building where his office was located. It was also where the sexy woman would be working, probably until dawn. He would meet her then.
She would never know he had been watching her in her new home for weeks now, biding his time for the opportunity to meet her legitimately and put her under his spell. If such a thing were possible. This woman seemed to be immune from his more subtle abilities to an almost alarming degree. She had even caught him as he watched her sleep that first night. It was all he could do to overpower her strong mind and lull her back into a dreamless sleep.
She also had the disturbing ability to see him in her dreams. Several times now, he had found his consciousness seduced into her dream. Each time, he was able to extricate himself only after some difficulty, leaving her none the wiser.
Except that one time.
In that one hot dream they had shared, he'd pushed her too far. He had wanted so badly to taste her, he brought her to a screaming orgasm with surprisingly little effort. The wave of pleasure had jolted her out of the dream before he could pull back and mask his presence. She had seen him that night, without a doubt.
But she was so sweet! He wanted to taste her in truth and perhaps he would, but first he had to work on seducing her mind.
Her strong mind and their close proximity made it imperative that he meet her in person and bring her under his power, but it had to be done subtly. She had to be convinced that he was nothing special, no cause for alarm, so that they could both live peacefully side by side in the wilderness.
He needed the solitude and peace of the open land as much as he surmised she did. He'd done some investigation into her background and learned of the high-powered lifestyle that had finally driven her out of the city and into the open places. He could commiserate with that feeling, but he needed the privacy of the open land for his very survival. Without the secrecy of his existence, all would be lost, and he could not let this one mortal woman endanger him.
She would come under his power tonight or she would die.
(c) 2006 Bianca D'Arc. All Rights Reserved.

Bianca D'Arc
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