Thursday, October 26, 2006

MIDNIGHT FOR MORGANA, a fantasy novella by S.A. Martin

Excerpt from MIDNIGHT FOR MORGANA, a fantasy novella by S.A. Martin
Quiz: What does Morgana draw over her head?
Prize: A goody bag with posters, bookmarks, and a disk of my fantasy romance, NIGHT SECRETS
Morgana lifted his hand and pressed it to her breast. "Keir! You don't really want to talk, do you?" She gave him an appealing smile, easing his hand back and forth across her warm breast. Passion, hot and deep, stirred within him, driving every other thought from his mind.
"Ah, no, Morgana! Don't do this to me." He was so aroused now, he could think of nothing but making wild love all night long. "You must rest. Let me take you back to our bedchamber–"
"Our bedchamber, yes! But not to sleep." She stood, drawing him up with her, and he could no more have stopped her than he could stop the moon from shining. He drew her close to his throbbing body, kissing her again and again, pressing her buttocks, going crazy from wanting her. His arm around her waist, he led her down the hallway, then quietly opened and shut their bedchamber door. Gods, how could he wait!
She disrobed by the moonlight that pooled through their window, unbuttoning her dress, letting it slide to the floor, and stepping out of it. She drew her shift over her head and stood before him naked, her proud breasts, narrow waist and slender hips tempting him to madness. With shaking fingers, he undressed, tossing his clothes aside, and reached for her. Without a word, she rushed into his arms, and he eased her down on a chair, her legs straddling him, her hands resting on his shoulders. He took in his fill of her lovely breasts, those erect nipples just waiting to be sucked. He touched those breasts, softly at first, then more fully, his fingers kneading, wanting to make these moments last. He gazed at her face as he caressed her, saw her close her eyes, her mouth slightly open, her shallow breath coming faster, faster.
"Morgana," he whispered, "I love you so much."
"And I love you, more than I can ever say."
Easing her back a little, he gained access to her nipples, sucking them, his lips moving from one to another, tasting her skin as he inhaled her sweet scent. Her fingertips traced a line across his back and down his chest, her hair brushing against his cheek. Her fingers moved ever downward to fondle his swollen member, but he drew her hand away, too well aware he was at the breaking point, wanting her now, now, now! He had to make this moment last, denying himself–and her–quick gratification. His hands slipped down to her hips and buttocks, his fingers smoothing over her skin, drawing her ever closer.
He kissed her, lightly at first as his lips skimmed hers, his tongue probing, then plunging deep in her mouth, tasting her sweetness. He kissed her mouth again, long and lingeringly as his heart pounded and his body ached with yearning. Images played in his mind, of the pleasure that was to come, an ecstasy he would soon enjoy.
She moaned. "Please, Keir–"
"Take me now, sweetheart. I can't wait any longer."
"Neither can I." He lifted her buttocks while she helped him by raising her body. He drew her down onto his hard member, closing his eyes in delight as her soft, warm folds wrapped around him. She worked her magic then, moving up and down, at first slowly, then faster, faster, a frantic dance of passion. They moved with a rhythm of their own, as if they had been lovers since the beginning of time. Passion deepened inside him, a raging need, a desperate cry for fulfillment.
"Ahhh!" His satisfaction came all too soon, and as his seed spilled into her, her release joined his, a meeting of body and soul. They moaned, their voices muffled, as their passion flowed on and on, a serenade of sound, color, and senses, everything wonderful in life, a rapture to last them until the end of time.

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