Thursday, October 26, 2006

Interview with Kevin, ParaTalk Radio Host


At what age/point in your life did you become interested in investigating the paranormal?

I have been interested in investigating the paranormal since the age of 9. At that time, I had an undeniable experience that set me on the course I have been following ever since. Of course I was too young to begin investigating at that point, but I read everything I could get my hands on and studied until I turned 18 and started going on actual investigations.

Do you believe, or have you found evidence, that the paranormal really do exist? What kinds?

I absolutely do believe in the paranormal, based solely on personal experiences, it is undeniable to me. I also beleive that 99.9% of what people believe to be paranormal, is explainable with a little knowledge and work. I wish I had hard core evidence that I could show to the world, but I dont believe that evidence exists anywhere. My feeling are just this, either you believe in the paranormal or you don't, until you are lucky enough to have an experience that changes your view on the world.

Have you ever debunked fraudulent paranormal activity? Can you tell us about it?

Absolutely! This is what I do when i investigate. I have debunked everything from anomalies in pictures that turned out to be reflections from mirrors and picture frames reflected on the wall, to voices thought to be disembodied which turned out to be simply carried through heat ducts from another unit in an apartment complex, to people who just wanted attention in a storage facility who actually hid a friend of theirs in a unit to make noises in an attempt to get attention.

Has there ever been an investigation you couldn't disprove?

I have been on a couple that I couldnt disprove. A couple that pop to mind are the Queen Mary in Long Beach CA, alot of strange things go on on that ship. Another was a residence in Apple Valley, CA. This house was a strange one because we thought we had figured it out but we couldnt have been more wrong. One of the daughters was being badgered by something, but on our first trip in we found out that she had some minor psychological problems which she was being medicated for. We found no evidence initially so we assumed it was a psych problem. We went back a couple times, and things were getting worse. Scratches, objects moved, the whole gamut was occuring. The residents ended up having a minister "cleanse" the house, whic only made the activity worse. I didnt have any contact with them after that, but talk about being completely off base, we were really wrong on that one.

What thoughts do you have on Hollywood..s portrayal of the paranormal? Is there one you feel is more accurate than the rest? One you wish you could throw your shoe at?

Well Hollywood banks on one thing, entertainment. I enjoy their movies and shows, but none of them are completely accurate in my mind, with the exception of Ghost Hunters on Sci Fi. That is a more accurate depiction of paranormal investigations. If Hollywood focused on accuracy in this field they would make no money. We do alot of sitting around and observing, you cant sell that to an ADD public. If I had to complain about one depiction of the paranormal in Hollywood, it would be the Amityville Horror "remake." Talk about a bastardization of a bastardization. George Lutz himself said the original was nothing like what actually occured, and the remake wasnt even anything like the original, absolutely terrible. Oh and dont even get me started on "Most Haunted" and Derek Acorah. I dont think any other group of people with the exception of the IGHS has done more to hurt this field than those clowns.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself and what you do?

I am 27 years old, a business owner and a full time student. Currently I am working on a second college degree, and co-host a paranormal talk radio show. I am a skeptic believer who had been investigating for a decade now. The only thing I have learned is that NO ONE out there knows anything about the paranormal. We are all struggling to find something tangible to use as a jumping off point to start real research. I feel there needs to be more educated people in this field as well. Many of the folks involved just follow in the footsteps of other folks who didnt know what they were doing either, and the community goes in circles instead of moving forward. This is a science, go out and learn. God bless the hobbyists, but understand that spouting your postulations as fact is not only ignorant, but does nothing to further paranormal research. Accept that none of us KNOW anything about what we have experienced, get studying, and lets all move forward together!

We would like to thank you for taking time out to talk with us. Is there a place our readers can find you? A website? Email?

I would love to talk to your readers and anyone else with an interest in the unexplained. It is always a pleasure to hear different viewpoints. I can be found at www.paratalkradio.com or co.ghostinvestigations.com, and can also be emailed at madidus303@gmail.com

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