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Mystik Guardians: Vampire's Cross by Heather Kundert

Mystik Guardians: Vampire's Cross by Heather Kundert

Her heart thundered in anticipation and her muscles tensed. A familiar prick in her gums warned of descending fangs. She paused to close her eyes and willed them to retract. This hunt wasn't for the kill, as much as the thought displeased her. Nosferatu-the vampire-and humans didn't mix.. The last time she befriended a human, things had ended very badly. She lived with the consequences of that interaction each and every day of her existence.

With the reaffirmation this wasn't a hunt, her fangs retracted and Alexis opened her eyes. She blew out a deep breath. Cautiously, she placed one foot in front of the other and made her way through the pulsing mob of humans writhing around her. It took all her willpower to control her natural urges. Thankfully, Simon's drinks had helped to sate her hunger, if only on a temporary basis. If she screwed up and revealed her true self to the Slayer too soon, all hope of defeating Diego would die with the large man sitting at the table, unaware he was being stalked.

Damn it! No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get the thought of a hunt out of her mind. If she harmed so much as a hair on his head, the Fates would never forgive her and would most likely do something drastic as punishment. Contrary to popular belief, the Nosferatu were not immortal, nor were they invincible. They had just as many weaknesses as the humans did, only her kind were much better at staying clear of those weaknesses-most of the time. Being in the club at the moment was a major weakness for Alexis. She was cycling and the need for sex was far greater than at any other time of the month, though with luck this would be the last night of her cycle. Damn the moon and the foul things it did with a woman's hormones, be her human or not. And damn the Slayer for finding it necessary to boast about his day's kill in a room full of highly sexual beings.

She hoped she wasn't sweating. Dots of blood on her forehead and cheeks at this moment wouldn't be a good thing. Normally, she was quite good at controlling her body's temperature and her thoughts, but the rush of hormones racing through her veins made the normally simple task even harder.. Alexis licked her dry lips and hovered at the edge of the crowded dance floor, waiting for the music to change. She didn't have long to wait.

The new rhythm that filled the air had a Latin feel to it. The pulsing tunes were fast and hard, enveloping her with its invigorating and wildly intoxicating beats. She moved to the very edge of the dance floor and carefully wrapped herself around one of the numerous poles surrounding the smooth, hardwood area. Alexis swirled around before spinning out away from the brass post toward the Slayers' table. She swiveled her hips and tossed her head back and forth, covering her face with the dark curtain of her hair. Her body gyrated and spun in time with the frantic pulse of the music. Completely lost in the dance, she no longer paid any mind to the man sitting at the table.

She returned to the dance floor where a small group of dancers had paused to watch her move. A tall, dark-haired man with a trim build joined her in the semicircle, pulling her close against his body. His heartbeat caused the front of his loose, black silk shirt to jump. The sound thundered and echoed in her ears, even over the loud, consuming music. Alexis closed her eyes and lost herself in the dance once more, trying to drown out the hypnotic beat of his heart.


Dalton sat with his back to the wall, ignoring his men as he watched the room. He didn't trust people, regardless if they were human or not. He didn't get to where he was in life by leaving himself open for an attack, even in a crowded room.

His gaze roved over the crowd, watching for anyone or anything that stood out, as if it didn't belong in this place so full of life. And then he saw her. She danced as if there was no tomorrow and he found himself drawn to her. The black leather outfit she wore clung to her body like a second skin. The laced up bustier pushed her breasts up high and closer together as it left a good section of the creamy, rounded twin peaks exposed to his eyes.

Her hips swayed in time to the music as she dipped and swirled with the rhythm. A man with her on the dance floor placed his hands on those deliciously curved hips. Dalton wanted to rip them away and lay claim to this woman. He paused, noting for the first time he was in the process of standing even though he hadn't realized he'd moved. What had come over him? He narrowed his eyes at the woman across the room. Even from this distance he could tell her skin had a healthy hue to it. Maybe the lack of a bed partner had finally gotten to him.

"Where you going, boss?" Santos chuckled, no doubt laughing at his odd behavior.

"To the dance floor."

"But you don't dance," Adams piped in.

Dalton shrugged. There was a first time for everything. He couldn't deny he very much enjoyed the way her body moved. It sang to him, much like a siren's call and he couldn't wait to get closer, to feel the skin that looked so silky and sweet from across the way.

Each step toward her was painful, his cock growing harder and harder with each sway and shake of her hips. He ran his tongue along the back of his teeth to keep from licking his lips at the thought of that sweet little thing writhing underneath his body in a large, rumpled bed.

He moved right up behind her gyrating body, so close he could smell the aromatic, fruity scent of her hair with a hint of jasmine and lavender surrounding her as well. Drawing in a deep breath, he inhaled her arousing scents into his body, savoring the taste of her on his tongue. Damn, she was hot.

She suddenly turned and bumped into him, gasping at the contact. He smiled and from the uneasy look on her face, assumed it must have been a predatory one. But he wasn't going to hold anything back with this one. He wanted her and he would have her, no matter what it took. If he had to plow over her like a bulldozer, then so be it. But she would be his.

He reached up and traced his finger over her forehead. "Why the long look?" For some strange reason he couldn't explain, she seemed.familiar to him.

"You just startled me, is all..." She titled her head and looked up at him with a sly smile on her lips. "I had hoped you'd decide to join me."

"Is that so?" This was getting more interesting by the minute. He slid his finger down the side of her face, along her jaw and down her neck to the soft swell of her breasts. She shuddered beneath his touch and his smile broadened. Oh, she was ripe for the picking. This one he would savor for the whole night, never mind the fact he hadn't come in here looking for a bed partner. He moved his hands to her hips and jerked her up against him as he lowered his head to her ear. "I want you," he growled.

He felt her body tremble. "I can tell." She lifted her gaze to his, her dark eyes flashing. Then she did something that surprised him. She licked his cheek as she cupped his hardening length in her hand.

"Mmm," she practically purred. "You taste good." She pulled her hand away from his crotch and backed up a step. "Care to dance?"

"I don't dance," he replied.

"Such a pity." She made a pouty face up at him. "It isn't hard. All you have to do is sway with the music." Putting words to action, she demonstrated by spinning around and grinding her ass against his growing cock. "Mmm, so big," she murmured then spun around to face him. "I have a question for you, cowboy."

He shook his head. "I'm no cowboy but ask away.."

"Do you have a place for us to go? Or do you plan to fuck me right here in the middle of the dance floor?"

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