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If Wishes Came True by Cassandra Kane

If Wishes Came True

Author: Cassandra Kane

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Genre: Paranormal/Contemporary

Publication Date: September 2006

All Rights Reserved. © 2006 Cassandra Kane


Maddy Langton has been in lust with fellow undercover detective, Rafe West, for two years. Although they enjoyed a brief sexual encounter during an undercover surveillance, Maddy ran from Rafe before her lust for him jeopardized her career…and because bad boy Rafe loves his women blonde and gorgeous--everything she’s not.

When Maddy helps a couple of Buddhist monks, the grateful monks give Maddy a ring and ask her to make a wish. Maddy wishes to be the blonde with Rafe. And when she puts on the ring, that’s what she suddenly becomes.

Willing to do anything to spend a night with him, Maddy lets Rafe believe she’s his beautiful companion. But does Rafe really want her or the beautiful blonde she’s become?


As she waited for the bartender to pour their drinks, Maddy caught sight of herself in the mirror behind the bar, sitting next to Rafe as he swapped a joke with the bartender.

And then it hit her. She was now the blonde with Rafe. She was what she’d always wanted to be. The girl who got to put her hand on his arm and lean seductively into his chest. The girl who got to nibble on those firm, well-defined lips and have his hand rest on the curve of her hip. The girl without the “I’m a cop and we’re colleagues” hang-up that had kept her in agony for the last three months since The Encounter.

Just for now, she wasn’t a cop. She was a beautiful blonde on a date with the gorgeous guy she’d lusted after for years. Maddy let the realization sink into her being and felt a giddy sense of relief wash over her.

“So.” Rafe turned to face her as he tipped his glass to hers.

“So.” Maddy raised her glass, took a sip of her gin and tonic, and crossed her legs.

Rafe’s gaze wandered over them, then he flicked the strap at her ankle. “Pretty shoes.”

“Are you sure it’s the shoes you like?”

Maddy was amazed at her new boldness. She was not Maddy Langton anymore and she could do as she liked. Rafe seemed to like it too. His expression registered a moment of surprise before his lips twitched into a smile.

“I like the whole package.” He let his finger run up the length of her leg and nestle in the soft spot at the back of her knee. “You know that.”

Maddy wondered whether Rafe had known the blonde before tonight. If not, their short encounter had been disarmingly direct. For a moment, jealousy stung her at the thought of Rafe seducing another woman only ten minutes before. Yet, now, she was that woman.

Relax, Maddy, she told herself, firmly quashing her misgivings. Just enjoy the moment. Don’t expect anything more.

Maddy shook her blonde hair and the last of her uneasiness aside. She was a new woman, and to prove it she had to act like one. No more worrying about whether she was doing the right thing, no more second-guessing her own or Rafe’s actions and reactions, no more holding on to her inhibitions. Tonight, all bets were off.

She touched the back of his hand that rested on her leg. His thumb was running gentle circles around the inside of her knee. Her legs tingled as though he had exposed a nerve, and a slow heat started at her groin. The dampness between her thighs bore witness to the fact she wasn’t wearing any underwear. The soft silk of the camisole heightened the sensation of her nipples, and the leather of the skirt cupped her hips. Even the straps wrapped around her legs served only to draw attention to the sensation there, where Rafe’s hands were working miracles.

“Are you sure you’re enjoying this?” His warm breath brushed across her lips, tinged with the scent of good scotch.

She nodded and bit her lip. Then she trailed her fingers up his arm to his shoulder. His tie was done up in a perfect knot. A little too perfect. She slowly loosened the tie and opened the top button on his shirt, smiling as he looked at her quizzically.

“I like my men a little rough and ready.” She glanced at him from under her lashes. “Perfection is not all it’s cracked up to be.”

Rafe caught her wrists and drew her to his chest. “I guess you’ve got the right guy then.” His lips swooped down to capture hers.

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