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Song of the Annunaki by Lorraine Kennedy

Lorraine Kennedy


Song of the Annunaki


Lorraine Kennedy

New Concepts Publishing

Excerpt #1

Pulling the blankets up around her neck, Samura stared wide-eyed at the mist seeping from the cracks of the closed bedroom door. Thick, twisting, swirling mist that pulsated and breathed as if it were alive. Crawling across the hardwood floor, the mist radiated a greenish luminous light that cast the small room into a surreal nightmare world.

The mist whirled and danced, forming the image of otherworldly fingers that reached from the floor to twist around her ankles and wrists.

She could not move. She could not so much as squeak in protest. The invasive mist had robbed her of her voice, paralyzing her limbs until she was no more than an infant at the mercy of the unknown.

Behind the door, a bright light invaded the smallest opening with the power of a thousand suns, a brilliance that tore through her eyes, sending tendrils of excruciating pain into her brain.

Samura could feel her body lift off from the mattress to hang suspended in midair. Long, shimmering strands of dark hair hung from her head, coming to rest on the pillow below her.

The temperature in the room dropped, covering her with a chill that pervaded the warmth of her white cotton nightgown to send shivers through her body. Her breaths were shallow, allowing only the smallest wisps of warmth to escape into the chilled room, delivering puffs of fog from her lips.

Slowly her body began to move to the door. Her terror was absolute, its grasp tightening around her throat until it was burrowing down into her stomach. The sickening taste of bile reached up from her gut, consuming her. Only with sheer willpower she was able to force the feeling away.

The little white door that had offered so much protection a short while ago was gone, replaced with a cavernous hole. What lay behind that distorted doorway was the unknown . What lay outside that door existed beyond the sight of many, visible to only the few.

With liquid smooth motion, her body was lifted upright until she was in a standing position.

Samura’s soul screamed in protest as she inched closer and closer to that void of oblivion beyond the doorway. Her heart knew that to go through that opening would be to look upon the truth … a truth that she was not prepared to see … a reality that could destroy mankind.

A chorus of soft whispers drifted into her head, soothing her like an eerie lullaby.

“Go beyond the door,” the singsong voices urged. “See all that was, and will ever be. See the truth.”

She had no control … she was gliding through the door. A blast of air hit her, a billion molecules of realities rushed past her and into the world she had always known.

Surrounding her was infinity. She looked upon countless galaxies that stretched into a universe with no visible beginning or end.

Walking upon the stars was the most unusual man, he appeared so large as to dwarf the planets beneath his feet. Long flaxen hair billowed behind him, lighting the dark sky with white-hot radiance. His handsome, breathtaking features were soft perfection, framing gray eyes that lit up like moons in the night heavens.

His lips never moved but his powerful voice echoed through the core of her being.

“Search not for answers. The truth will only illuminate your bondage … the nature of your reality is naught but part of your dream world.”

He stood near her now, no longer as massive as the universe but as a god in a man’s body. The heat he radiated reached out to cover her like a warm blanket. His eyes pulled at her essence, laying bare her entire being.

She felt naked beneath the onslaught of those luminous gray eyes. He opened his mouth but what came from his lips were not words, but a haunting melody so ancient that it rippled through her life force with vibrating electrical current. Like the song of the whale it went out in all directions, to all points of the universe … lingering long after the sound had gone.

Her vision was blurred but the sensations of the waking world had wiggled into her dream. The rough asphalt beneath her bare feet painfully stripped away the fog.

Blinking rapidly, Samura first saw the sickly yellowish glow of the streetlight. Turning slowly, she recognized the deserted road in front of her house. The world slept, oblivious to the woman who stood in the middle of the street, wearing nothing but a nightgown.

The distant hoot of an owl spurred her into action and she willed her legs to move. The cool grass was soothing to her feet after walking across the sharp surface of the road.

She tried her door, and to her surprise, found that it was still locked.

Samura wondered how she had walked out of the house while she slept if the door was still locked?

She reached into the bush that sat next to her porch. Under cover of the greenery was a tin box that contained her spare key.

Lorraine Kennedy


Song of the Annunaki


Lorraine Kennedy

New Concepts Publishing

Excerpt #2

A sliver of light broke through her dark rage. Black Mesa, a UFO hotspot. Absurd? I have to start somewhere, why not there?

Putting the car into gear, Samura turned onto the highway. The desert was dark, as dark as she could ever remember it. Only a crescent moon hung in the starry black sky. It offered no illumination. The headlights of the slick, black sports car cut through the thick darkness with precision, but only shed light on what was directly in front of them.

She accelerated, picking up velocity at an alarming rate. Speeding through the desert, oblivious to danger, her focus was on one thing. Black Mesa. Images of its red rock cliffs rising majestically over the desert floor danced within her mind’s eye. But it would be dark now, a place of menacing danger.

Up ahead in the distance it stood, a black shadow spread against the stars. Samura slowed the car to a crawl, looking for a way in, a dirt road, a path.

The beam of her headlights fell on the hard-packed earthen path and she made the turn, easing the car onto the road. It was too dark to see what lay beyond the headlights. All she could do was continue to drive as long as there was road. She brought the car to a halt near the base of the mountain where the road ended abruptly.

Leaving the engine running, she got out and stepped away from the automobile. Turning in a circle, she scanned the skies in all directions. There was nothing … no odd lights … no sounds but those of nocturnal desert creatures … not even an airplane. Nothing but an endless blanket of stars … stars whose mysteries had lain hidden from humankind for millenniums.

Arid winds blew through her tangles of black hair, sending the silky strands flying in all directions. Defiantly, she lifted her face to the night sky, her mouth set in grim determination to send out her unspoken words to the dark heavens.

I know you are out there! I want answers now!

Was she crazy?

Could she have finally went over the edge and was even now lost to madness?

How could she justify calling out to the wispy phantom that filled her fantasies?

Close by, she could hear the squeal of bats, the flapping of leathery wings. Standing her ground, her eyes never left the sky.

Again she sent out her message, stronger and with more force. What story would my DNA say to the governments of this world?

The winds persisted, answering her call with their mournful wails. The idling engine spluttered and died, the strong beam of the headlights dimmed and flickered, but continued to send out weak light. A brilliant flash filled the sky.

A large hand touched her from behind, spinning her around to face his wrath.

The softness of a dream world was not there this time to break her fall. An overlord of humanity, he stood before her in full splendor of the ancients, a force to be reckoned with. This was no misty apparition, though his perfection could have put him in the realm of the divine.

His shimmering gray eyes narrowed in anger. “You dare to threaten me?”

Samura’s heart trembled in terror of this man … this being. His fury surged through the very air between them. She drew on her inner reserve of strength to face him down.

“My mother, where is she?”

His scathing look lingered on her face, and then his eyes traveled down the length of her body, taking note of her pink T-shirt and blue jean cutoffs, resting slightly longer on her bare legs.

“Why would you question me about the fate of an Adamu?” The tone of his voice clearly spoke of how ridiculous he found the concept.

Samura found her gaze fixed on his magnetic radiant eyes, the perfect form of his face and the way his moon-colored hair danced on the winds. He wore a black cape that partially covered the same blue nylon he’d worn in her dream--or abduction, as she must now admit it had to have been.

An unbidden thought brushed across her consciousness. He is the man on the moon. That mysterious presence that peered down on you during hot summer nights while you lay on the lawn, mesmerized by the moonlight. “How long have you been aware of my existence?”

“Many earth years I have watched you.” Some of his anger drifted away. A humorous smile tilted the corners of his mouth. With graceful movement, he closed the distance between them.

“Why now?” Samura’s voice shook, betraying the effect his nearness was having on her composure. He was so tall … so very male.

“Some questions are not meant to be answered.”

“Where is my mother?” she asked again, trying to ignore the alluring pull of his eyes, his scent. This star god stirred something within her, pulling her into the primitive instinct of coupling, a mating ritual as old as the universe.

She knew he could read her mind and was conscious of her thoughts, but she could not prevent them. The laughter in his eyes was evidence of his awareness. Samura slammed the door to his probing psyche.

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