Thursday, March 08, 2007

Love Book Videos? Check out the Award Show!

This is a mid-week, guest blog post. The topic isn't really on the paranormal, but this was such a fun idea, we thought we'd invite Dawn from http://www.theromancegalleria.com to come by and tell us a little about the new Award Show for Book Trailers! I hope all of you will head over and check it out.

Blog Post Provided by Dawn

We're going to be breaking from tradition a bit here in this post (no worries, we got the okay from the powers that be, lol) as we detour a bit from the paranormal to talk about book videos. A few years ago, if you mentioned the word "trailer" everyone automatically assumed you were talking about a movie trailer, but in recent years "trailers" have become a wildly popular form of book promotion. Pioneered by Circle of Seven Productions, who coined and trademarked the phrase "book trailer," they have paved the way for the evolution of the promotional video not only as a valid marketing tool but as a source of great artistic value and entertainment.

At the Romance Galleria, one of our biggest draws (outside of our popular author chats) is our 3D theater. We've found that readers not only stop by the theater to watch the assortment of trailers featured there, they come back again and again to watch their favorites. This got us to thinking about how theses videos have far surpassed their marketing stereotype to become a featured item in their own right. We decided it was high time to give this special art form the recognition it deserved. After hosting a hugely successful ceremony for the CAPA Awards inside the Galleria, we thought what a perfect way to showcase these works of art and acknowledge the accomplishments of these video. Thus, the Cameo Award was born.

The Cameo Awards celebrate excellence in romantic book video promotion.

Awarded annually by The Romance Galleria, it recognizes merit in many aspects of romantic trailer production and promotion such as art direction, scripting and marketing potential. The Cameos were developed to honor and showcase the artistic vision and effort in romantic trailer development.

Winners of the 1st Annual Cameo Awards will be announced at the Cameo Film Festival in the Galleria on May 5th, 2007. If you'd like more information about these awards or to find out more about our 3D world please visit us at http://www.theromancegalleria.com

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