Thursday, October 26, 2006

Excerpt Vixen of the Night by Savannah Black

Vixen of the Night is my vampire erotica set in one of the most
beautiful and exotic cities in the world—San Francisco. It is a
story of destinies and prophecies being fulfilled. Can Travis,
Sandra, Seth, and Mary handle the changes which are demanded by the
Savannah Black
Out now from http://www.mardigraspublishing.com

The sunset in the ocean as Sandra pushed the lid of the casket up to
get out. The room she was in was supposed to be a closet, but even
the large casket looked small in it. The old Victorian was perfect
for her life style. It sat atop a hill; she liked the old world look
of it, jokingly referring to it as, Little Transylvania. Walking
naked to the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror. The
mirror had saved her on more than one occasion. Supposedly, a
vampire could not see herself in a mirror. Mortals, what do they
"Well old girl, from the look of your face you had a hell of a time
last night," she said to the reflection. Running water into the sink
she washed the dried blood and cum off. Looking into the mirror
again she said, "Not bad for a hundred plus year old broad."
* * * *
Larry and Travis met at the club at nine o'clock and ordered a
drink. "I'm telling you man, it was the best, most intense blow job
I've ever had. I think I'm in love," Travis smiled dreamily.
"Dude, I can hardly wait!" Larry smiled. "Hey, look at the one over
there. I bet those legs go all the way to her ass. Damn I'd like to
fuck her. She may be a little older, but she is hot!"
Travis looked to where he pointed, "It's her."
Sandy slunk over to Travis, rubbing her body against him. Her hand
went up around to the back of his head tracing a path down and
around. Lifting his chin, she brushed her lips lightly across his.
The tingle went all the way to his toes.
"Ahhh…," Travis stuttered, "this is Larry, my best friend. You asked
me to bring someone. Can we get out of here?"
"Whoa there big boy, the evening is still young plus I could use a
good stiff drink."
Travis ordered her the same drink she had been drinking the night
before. Taking it, she slugged a big gulp then sat it down. "So,
Larry, you up for some fun tonight?"
"You're fucking A I am. Once you've had me you won't want anyone
else, you'll throw rocks at Travis."
Four drinks later, they were in her apartment, with clothes piling
up. Travis was standing behind her his naked body pressed hard
against her back. Larry was in front, his chest pressing against her
small proud breasts.
Sandra smiled at Larry's clumsiness. He sure talked the big talk,
but it was obvious he could not walk the big walk. She slipped down
to her knees in front of him taking him into her mouth. He blew as
soon as her mouth touched him. Wiping her chin, she smiled as she
turned around to Travis. He was large and hard. He managed to keep
it that way for as long as she wanted it. Looking up at him, she
smiled around his shaft, her fangs found the vein. She fed as he
climaxed, more than the night before.
Standing up, she turned to Larry. Seeing her fangs dripping he
started to back away, but she grabbed him with more strength than he
thought possible. When he looked into her eyes, all his willpower
evaporated. He willingly gave his neck to her. She moaned as his
blood fed her.
With her dark hunger satisfied, she was ready for Travis. She
released Larry. He dropped like a rag doll.
"Is he…"Travis was at a loss for words.
"He's fine. When he awakens, he will have the memory of having
serviced me for hours. It is you who will have the true memory of
our hours of lovemaking."
Travis' drained cock sprung to life. Lust consumed him. He wanted
her as he had never wanted a woman before. Pulling him down, onto
the bed, she opened her legs as his stiff rod hovered over the
opening to her love hole. Moving his body, the tip of his cock
traced circles around her clit sending shivers of excitement through
"Oh Baby, Oh Baby," she moaned, "Oh Travis, Now!"
His rock hard tool plunged into her, filling her, making her want
more. Pulling out until only, the head was inside, he began slow,
short movements. It surprised her he knew exactly where her G-spot
was. He massaged it with the head.
How the Hell could someone so young have learned how to please a
woman in such a short life, she thought. Feeling her orgasm
building, her hands grasped his tight ass squeezing harder.
Suddenly, she pulled him into her as she thrust upwards to meet him.
This time it was her turn to scream. Starting as a low rumbling in
her chest, it worked its way up and out her mouth, her fangs were
exposed primeval and raw. "Ahrrrrrrrrrrrr…Yessssss." She moaned. Her
body tensed in ways she had never felt. Finally, the release came in
a wave, washing over her.
Collapsing in on herself, her arms, and legs went limp. In a small,
far away part of her brain, she realized it was he who had her. She
would come at his beckon call. For the first time, since she had
become a vampire, she fell asleep in the middle of the night.
She slept for a short time as Travis lay on top of her, looking at
her face, marveling at what he had just experienced. When she awoke,
with him still inside her, she was not the sultry, worldly, hungry,
vampire of an hour before, she was a soft and cuddly kitten in his
hands. Part of her resisted the feelings, but the biggest part
screamed, "Go with it!"

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