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Excerpt Blood Lines 3: Crimson's Rose

Blood Lines 3: Crimson's Rose Excerpt (Pg-pg13ish)

Because Yahoo has been a pain to me lately, I'm going to go ahead
and post an excerpt. It might show up by lunchtime LOL. Enjoy!


The Conduit isn't who he thinks…

Lang hungers for power. He wants a Conduit and thinks he's found one
in Crimson Daly. He hires mercenary vampire Rojo Rose to quietly
bring her in. But when Rojo meets her, and she kisses him, bites his
lip and shoves him away, Rojo realizes bringing her to Lang might be
his most difficult assignment ever. She intrigues him more than
anyone else…until he finds out Lang wants to use her in the way Rojo
fears the most.

Crimson dreams of roses, blood and killing, not a good thing when
the vampire you're in lust with's last name is Rose. They can't stay
away from each other. Their passion explodes everyplace they go.
Then Crimson is betrayed, and Rojo must face his darkest fear to
become her Rose and save her life.


Rojo sighed. "Crimson, I am a vampire. Like you."

Her body shook. "Funny, how you didn't mention that at first."

"You didn't mention you were one, either." She opened her car door,
and he moved to block her from getting in.

"I didn't know you were one." She tried to slide around him. "Why
would I mention it? I thought you were human."

"A simple mind reach would have told you what I was."

"I wasn't looking. I…was distracted."

"And what distracted you?" He wedged his body so she couldn't get in
her car. Her arousal had hit him full bore when she'd run into him.
It had been all he could do not to take her on the grocery shelves.
That would have definitely necessitated a cleanup on aisle nine.

Her eyes narrowed to slits. "You already know. You." She waved a
hand. "All deep-voiced and buff and "we match." You could smell me.
I know a vampire's nose. And you probably plucked at my mind long
before I realized you were."

"I couldn't get in." Her mind wasn't strong. He could have gotten in
had he wanted. She would have known, of course, and known what he
was sooner. So why hadn't he? He didn't know, only that it seemed
wrong somehow to invade her like that. It had been stupid of him.
She'd be Lang's soon, and Lang would invade her every way he could.

"Good thing for me. Is this your territory? Is that it? I invaded it
or some shit. Now you want to kill me. Don't bother. I'll take off."

He snorted. "I don't want to kill you. Kiss you maybe."

Her eyes widened at his admission. Not what she'd been expecting.
Good. He'd keep her off balance. Now if he could find his own
balance. And then, she did something he never would have expected
from her.

With a growl, Crimson smacked his shoulder open-handed. Then, she
pulled his head down for a kiss.

As her lips met his, Rojo's head swam. Her mouth opened under his,
warm, wet, inviting. He made a noise, deep and low in his throat,
bringing her closer to him. He turned them so she was against the
car, pinioning her with his body. His tongue explored, tasted.
Cinnamon. Maybe some vanilla. And it was good. Her mouth opened more
under his. A sound came out like a whimper. Each time he had control
of the kiss, she slanted her mouth, so he couldn't dominate the

Her hands came up, wrapping around him, stroking his back, then slid
around to his chest. The shove was with her full strength. He
stumbled backwards.

Her voice came out with breathy squeaky sounds. "Stay away from me."

She slid in the front seat, slamming her car door. The engine
purred, as she jerked it into gear and took off.

He licked his lips. This was going to be a hell of an assignment.

What reviewers are saying: Philippa Ann of Romance Reviews Today
had this to say: The plot is well-paced with an equal balance of
mystery and romance. The attraction between Crimson and Rojo is
immediate and each of their encounters builds the sexual tension
until it explodes in a most satisfying way. Thoroughly enjoyable,
CRIMSON'S ROSE lives up to the caliber of writing from the previous
two books. I highly recommend it to fans of erotic paranormal
romance and I can't wait for the next tale in the series.

Mechele Armstrong aka Lany of Melany Logen
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