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Excerpt HAMISH BUCHANAN by Tilly Greene

Author Tilly Greene
Author URL www.tillygreene.com
Genre/Series Paranormal – Shape Shifter/Mystical Signs: Aries
Publisher Venus Press
Publisher URL www.venuspress.com

Road to Romance Recommended Read, May 2006
Dawn Says ~ "Ms. Greene weaves a sensual spell when you first start
to read "Hamish Buchanan". Each page is a erotic dance between grace
and Hamish as they connect in the most basic of levels and find out
that the heart will lead you on a dance of untold delights. Ms.
Greene out does herself with this new book and will keep the reader
spellbound to the very last page as well as panting for more." Road
to Romance Recommended Read

What they are saying about HAMISH BUCHANAN

"Hamish Buchanan is a delightful short story about finding someone
to love you for who you are but also about accepting who you are."
5 Angels from Shayley, Fallen Angel Reviews

"This premier author weaves a sensual spell around you from
beginning to end and will knock the reader on their backs with her
sexy and erotic love scenes between Hamish and Grace as well as
their banter as they find themselves battling on a more primitive
level, as man and woman." Dawn, Love Romances

"HAMISH BUCHANAN is an intriguing erotic romance with a cool plot
twist. I don't want to give it away, but it's quite a doozy."
Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today

"Hamish Buchanan's sweetly spiced erotic story…" Megan, Erotic-


On the surface Hamish Buchanan has it all. He is handsome,
successful, and because of the horror that surrounded his birth,
possesses the love and respect of a nation. But underneath, where
few are allowed, lurks a dark secret. Although well hidden, the
furtiveness has kept him from committing to another as fully as he
would have wanted.

Then, he sees the woman that brings him to his knees, is she the one
that will fully accept him?

After an auspicious beginning, Grace Strachan worked hard to make
something of herself from nothing. An award winning milliner whose
creations are in demand around the world, has her head is turned by
a gorgeous Scotsmen. A confidence boosting moment quickly becomes a
crushing blow when the beast manages to insult her at a formal
charity event.

Despite the evidence otherwise, could this wild and untamed man be
the one who will dominate her, gifting her with her greatest desire?



"Shhh, trust me, everything will be fine." His tongue reached out
and stroked the slightly parted seam between her lips. "Be honest
and tell me if my needs do not meet up with yours. How I want you
is in my bedroom totally bare of clothes except for a pair of these
high heels you wear and sheer black stockings. You are strapped
onto a spreader bar which keeps your legs wide so I can see, touch
and play with your delicious weeping pussy. Your arms are strapped
to another rod for me to position you for our pleasure."


"Maybe it will hold you bent in half so you can feast on my cock
with your beautiful mouth. Or so I can fuck your sweet slit from
behind. I do love that position. It could be your arms are
stretched far above your head–"

"Stop!" Grace laid a finger across his lips. "Please, just stop."
He was too much. She could feel the heat rushing up to her cheeks.
They were so close, his body held no secrets from her. She felt
exactly how badly he wanted her. He still held her head in his
capable hands, but she needed to know it all.

Her dilated grey eyes rose to meet his, there was no way to hide
what his words did to her. She could feel moisture gathering low
in her cleft preparing the way for him.

"How did you know?" she finally whispered, reaching up to smooth a
finger across his full lower lip.

He caught and held her stroking finger clamped gently in his mouth,
then bit down trapping the tip between his teeth. His tongue teased
the digit and sucked, all the while watching intently to see what
his actions were doing to her.

"How?" she whispered again, unable to look away from his seductive
mouth as it worked on her finger.

"I didn't know until now." Hamish spoke around her finger.

"Then why…"

"I told you what it was that I wanted, nothing more than that. You
see, we are well-matched for each other."

Finally the small distance between their lips was closed. He kissed
her gently, pressing against her plump folds over and over again
testing their suppleness. The need to taste her was difficult to
ignore, but he wanted to go slow and savor every moan, every flavor,
every move she made.

Soft, gentle arms slid up and wrapped around his neck and held his
head still for their kiss, while a slim ankle wound its way around
one of his. It felt like she wanted to climb him, surround and
consume him. He loved it!

This was not how he had expected their meeting to go, but there was
no stepping back now. Not when he was holding in his hands what he
wanted most. The side of him that had felt a desperate need to hunt
was, for the moment, content. He felt more at ease now because his
quarry was not only in sight but also in his grip.

Copyright © 2006 Tilly Greene

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