Thursday, October 26, 2006

Excerpt To Tame a Werewolf by Myra Nour

Title: To Tame a Werewolf
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Rating: Carnal

Prize: Copy of the story printed by author & bound, with signed cover. This is a short story, 2nd in the River of Dreams series.

Link: http://www.newconceptspublishing.com/totameawerewolf.htm


Angela trembled with her need. She wanted him so badly, she felt like jumping on his spread-eagled body and spearing herself on his hard flesh. But she had to do this right.

Turning her back, she hooked her fingers in the side of her thong and slowly pulled it over her butt, then bent over and shoved it down. It was a stripper move and meant to excite.

The loud howl and clinking metal behind her, told Angela she’d gotten the reaction she wanted. Kicking the thong to the side, she pivoted slowly, and then took a deep breath.

His mouth was open wide, a grinning smile that highlighted the two-inch fangs. His arms and legs were taut, the muscles rippled as he strained against the chains.

“Come,” he growled, and then in a gravelly voice screamed, “mate”.

Had she gone too far? Too late to turn back now; her desire for him raged within her blood. It pounded through her nerve endings, sensations flicking not only through her groin and xxx, but her thighs, abdomen, and arms.

Crawling on the bed carefully, she positioned herself between his spread thighs. Staring down at his engorged xxx, she groaned and licked her lips.

His body flinched as if her groan had been a whip flicking his skin. She ran her eyes up his handsome form. The raging inferno of his silver eyes made her tremble. However, as she stared, rationality seeped into them and she saw a glimmer of Connor reappear.

“No,” he growled, then bit his lip with his fangs. The pain seemed to draw Connor nearer and his expression became more human.

“Angel, too dangerous,” he panted. His body shook and then he snapped, “Stop”.

“Connor, it’s too late for either of us.” xxx

His eyes flashed and all semblance of humanity fled. His nostrils flared, his tongue snaked out and licked her finger.

Myra Nour


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