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What exactly is Raven Happy Hour with the M&M’s?

What exactly is Raven Happy Hour with the M&M’s?

Raven Happy Hour with the M&M’s was best summed up by Jaycee Clark, a fellow NCP author, she called it “sort of role playing meets novella meets sitcom.”

We like to think of it as a Cheers, Sex in the City, and Saturday Night Live all mixed together. These are not done in Q & A format; rather they are presented in the form of chapter/short story write-ups.

What is the premise of the stories?

M&M, are basically alter-egos for Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth. In real life we are both happily married, mothers, and authors. In the world of M&M, Michelle is a prude, and Mandy is the stereotypical party girl. We work for an underground e-zine called The Nocturnal Journal that discusses romance/erotic books. The ‘interviews’ take place at a vampire /shapeshifters bar called THE RAVEN.

Who writes the chapters?

We (Michelle M Pillow & Mandy M Roth) write the chapters. The guest authors submit their descriptions to us along with a detailed description of any character they may be bringing. This is an important point for authors who are interested in participating to keep in mind. For some, it’s easy to give their name and information over to others to write what works best, for others it’s not so easy.

The authors to date have been great sports!

Where did the idea for THE RAVEN come from?

*Mandy jumps in* “Oh, I’ll answer this one.” Michelle and I were discussing how similar many of the interviews we’ve read about our favorite authors are and how not all publishers tend to be represented equally. This upset us because we have friends from ALL the publishers out there and wanted to offer them a place to come and have fun. We hashed around ideas and decided on this format, we just needed a bar for the M&M’s to frequent.

Michelle chimed in with using the club from Mandy’s novel Daughter of Darkness, The Raven. It was already ‘established’ and we fully planned on bringing in our characters for guest appearances anyways so it seemed like a great idea! *pats Michelle on back* J

Do Michelle and Mandy write for a living?

Michelle M Pillow has been writing for several years. Her first novel, THE MISTS OF MIDNIGHT was just released from New Concepts Publishing and has received wonderful reviews. She currently has six novels contracted with NCP, including the DRAGON LORDS a futuristic paranormal series and the first book of the TRIBES OF THE VAMPIRE series, a darker paranormal romance. Many more of her works are up for consideration.

Mandy M Roth’s debut novel, DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS was just released by New Concepts Publishing. She currently has a total of eight novels coming out in the next few months at NCP, and is hard at work on more books all the time. She has eleven books written in the DAUGHTER series. A new series, VAMPYRE PRODUCTIONS is set to launch next month at NCP, followed close behind by IMMORTAL OPS.

Do you either of you have personal websites?




Do you have any joint projects?

Yes, we have

M&M Presents All Hallow's Eve
M&M Presents Christmas
Red Light Specialist
Stop Dragon My Heart Around
Pleasure Cruise
Pleasure Cruise II: Date With Destiny (coming soon)

I’m an author and I’d like to be interviewed. What do I do now?

(update 09-14-05-- authors submitting interviews will be doing so with the knowledge that at best, their interview will be posted to the Happy Hour site. They will NOT be included into the Happy Hour storyline unless contacted personally by site owner. They can and will be invited to have a day at the Happy Hour/Raven Readers Group to promo and award giveaways/prizes)

Read through the chapters that have been posted. Get a feel for what we are doing and make sure that you’re okay with it. Once you submit your information to us it will be assumed that you trust our judgment and will NOT hold us liable if you do not like the final product. REMINDER: You may end up being in a bar fight, flirting, dancing, being transformed into the leader of a gang, basically whatever our imaginations come up with. A disclaimer appears on every page telling the readers that these characters are embellished for the sake of fun.

Once you’re sure it’s something you’d like to do send us a description of yourself, along with any character you’d like to bring and the name of the book they are from (we cannot always fit additional characters into the story line, but we try). Download the Interview questions, fill the form out and send back to us. The sooner you get it in the sooner we can get to your chapter. We do not schedule when your chapter will come out. It is simply first come or best fit first. You will NOT be consulted prior to the launch of your chapter so be sure that you are willing to let us have fun with you prior to submitting your information. If you have any preferences as to what you would or would not like to be doing we will do our best to work with you, but we cannot guarantee anything.

Can readers be in a chapter too?

We are going to be launching contests soon and the winners will get a guest spot in a chapter! To stay up to date or to just chat about THE RAVEN readers can sign join THE RAVEN’s yahoo group here:


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