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What About The Paranormal in the Paranormal Romance

Lorraine Kennedy

The clock strikes midnight, you are alone in a dark house. Down the hall you hear a door creak and the dogs begin to bark furiously, sensing an intruder that you cannot see. What could it be? Your thoughts turn to the paranormal and you begin to wonder if it just might be possible?

As an author of Paranormal Romance, I have spent years researching many different aspects of the paranormal. I have found this to be a fascinating area of research and along the way discovered some interesting things.

The subject matter of the paranormal is expansive and this is reflected in the stories I write. My formal education includes Criminal Investigations, which provided the analytical skills required to research the paranormal as well as Anthropology/Archeology. This area gave be invaluable insight into different cultures and clues hidden in ancient history.

When I first began investigating the paranormal, I was surprised at just how much evidence there was to back up some ghost stories, UFO reports, alternate dimensions, etc. Of course this evidence is not the hard evidence that science will accept. To be accepted by the scientific community a theory has to be repeatedly tested in a controlled environment. The very nature of the paranormal makes this impossible, though quantum physics theories do allow for up to 8 extra dimensions that are part of our reality but undetectable under normal circumstances.

Stories of phantoms and things that go bump in the night have been a part of our culture throughout recorded history, but it has just been in the last couple of decades that investigators have had the equipment to actually detect these invisible entities.

There have been reports of ghosts that are described as misty apparitions, but there have also been many reports of entities that have a very real and solid form, such as the pirate ghost that haunts the heroine in my latest release, The Pirate’s Dark Revenge. In addition to being haunted by a ghost, the heroine in this story finds herself traveling back in time. Incredibly, there have also been reports of people finding themselves in a different time and place.

One such story took place in 1979. Two British couples were traveling through the North of France when they come across an Inn where they decided to stay. This Inn was primitive by modern standards, no windows only shutters etc. The people they met were all dressed in clothing of another era. Though these people thought it odd, they assumed it to be the theme of the Inn. When they left the next morning their bill was only 19 francs. Some days later they were on there way back and decided to stay at the same Inn, but it had vanished. Other landmarks they remembered were there, but the Inn was gone.

Sure, this could be chalked up to coincidence and losing there way, but what if it wasn’t?

Another area that I find particularly fascinating is the Sumerian story of creation. The Sumerians built the first civilization on earth and much of the Book of Genesis derives from ancient Sumerian writings, but Genesis left out a great deal of information. According the Sumerian story of creation, mankind was created by means of genetic manipulation by an ancient God race that came down from the heavens. The Sumerian Gods were called the Annunaki, which literally translates into those who came from heaven to earth.

This is the backdrop for my book, Song of the Annunaki where the heroine finds herself confronting a prince of this God race and dealing with the classic alien abduction scenario as well as many other surprises.

The paranormal may be hard to accept for some people, unless they have experienced it for themselves, but it is a definite possibility that there is more to heaven and earth than meets the eye.

About the Author:

Lorraine Kennedy

Paranormal Romance Author


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Wonderful post, thanks for coming over! Michelle

By Blogger Michelle Pillow, at 12:12 PM  

What a great topic! I have had different paranormal situations occur over the years. I lived in a house with the spirit of a man who had been shot. Lights would flicker, I had a dress and a diamond ring disappear and he would open all of the doors in the house at night. He was a friendly ghost but would not move on to the other side.

My aunt who passed away in March left a message on her sister's answering machine. I heard it and it was spooky but it sounded just like her. All she said was Tree, Tree. My other aunt's name is Theresa.


By Blogger Dragon Lover, at 1:04 PM  

Fun reading! I don't think one can write paranormal material without at least some hope or inkling that there's more out there than meets the eye, even if you haven't experienced it yourself. I love writing about "the other side," whether it's a side that "communicates" with us or not. It touches on the divine.

By Blogger Ciar Cullen, at 1:21 PM  

Thanks Michelle and Mandy for having me here.

I have always found the paranormal to be interesting. I’ve had some pretty scary experiences myself, so I do tend to believe in at least some aspects of the paranormal.

There are two incidents that come to mind. The first happened about 12 years ago when my daughter was about 7 years old. We were eating dinner and I had my baby in the living room sleeping.
My daughter glanced into the living room and just started screaming hysterically. It took a few minutes to calm her down. She told me there was something standing over the baby. She said it was all white, but with totally black eyes and no mouth. She also told me that it kind of floated out of the room and down the hall after looking at her.

Ten years later. It was late at night and I was working on my computer. My youngest son, who was at that time about 3 years old, was asleep on the couch. He suddenly woke up and started screaming. “Did you see that mom?”
I hadn’t noticed anything so I thought it was a nightmare, until he described what he’d seen. He described exactly the same thing as my daughter had years before. He said it had been standing over him and woke him up. My son had never heard this story before and it was in a different house.

Could have been the overactive imagination of both kids, but it was an odd coincidence.

By Blogger Lorraine Kennedy, at 2:06 PM  

Wow, great examples.

Anyone out there seek out the paranormal? Ghost hunters, perhaps?

By Blogger Michelle Pillow, at 10:20 AM  

I never seek the paranormal, Michelle, but I have had feelings of being in the presence of spirits--that there is something more than we see and feel. The more grandparents, aunts and uncles I have that pass on the more I've come to expect some small lingering certainty they're there around me in the few days after their death -- and to find some little message from them just to let me know they’re there. My husband’s aunt recently died and I had the certain feeling that there was a newer will. I felt compelled to mention it against my better judgment. My mother-in law said, “Now how can you possibly know that?” Sure enough they found another in a safety deposit box a week later.

I think children are more sensitive to the paranormal, maybe more accepting of possibilities. I heard a story about a little boy that asked his newborn baby sister this: "Tell me about heaven, I'm beginning to forget."

I recently tried a dousing rod for fun to look for water on the farm. I felt I found a strong spirit or spirits instead of water. Of course everyone thought I was nuts.
Oh, I also had a strong reaction to the Alamo church. Like there was a sink hole of misery there. I’ve heard others have strong reactions to battlegrounds.

By Blogger Jacki Bentley, at 1:23 PM  

I forgot to compliment Ms. Kennedy on her topic of blog. Great topic. Loved the story of your childrens' experience.

By Blogger Jacki Bentley, at 1:26 PM  

Thanks Jackie. Glad to be here and share with everyone.


By Blogger Lorraine Kennedy, at 12:57 PM  

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